Friday, February 15, 2008

Tell House Member Stand Firm For Restore Act

An exceptional "special comment" from Keith Olbermann on February 14, 2008. Watch this video and go to
to sign a petition to tell Congress to, STAND FIRM and NOT in lockstep. Tell them Do Not let the Bush Administration bully you, once again, into decimating our democracy. Our freedom is at stake here, folks.
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Congress, Stand Firm Behind the RESTORE Act!
Tell House Members to Stand Firm Behind the RESTORE Act!
The FISA bill
passed by the Senate is a disgrace. By legalizing warrantless spying on
Americans and granting retroactive amnesty to lawbreaking telecoms, the Senate
seeks to ensure that the Bush administration's illegal spying programs are never
investigated or subjected to the rule of law. The Senate bill is a profound
betrayal of the votes of millions of Americans who voted in 2006 to put
Democrats in control of Congress in order to increase, not eliminate, checks and
oversight on this administration, and to restore the rule of law to our country.

The House's RESTORE Act is an infinitely superior bill. It provides real
safeguards on the President's spying powers while providing him with the
surveillance powers he needs to protect the country.
The RESTORE Act continues that tradition, while the Senate bill eviscerates it.
Bush administration for ever-greater unchecked power,
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