Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine Gift For America

It's been a long time since I've felt inspired by a presidential race. Not since JFK, and I was too young to vote for him. Like Kennedy I get a chill and teary eyed when Obama speaks. It's been a long time but it feels good. So to those who, still possess hope. Hope that our country can survive the disunion brought about by so many administrations. We've been blinded by insincere words and lies. The band-aid cures, diagnosed by those at the top who seem to think war is the answer to any problem. We now have a chance to put all this behind us. I hope we grasp this opportunity. We may not get another one!

Barack Obama, knows he can't do this alone. He doesn't say, he's the decider so you can go shopping. He tells us, he needs our help because we are all the grown-ups in this problematic life. We all need to pitch in if we want to save our standing in this world.

I think I'm in love again, love for my country. Happy Valentine's Day '08! thinkingblue
Valentine For America
A Valentine gift to America! Barack Obama, an extraordinary man for an
extraordinary country. We need the change Mr. Obama can give to America. Vote
For Change, Vote For Barack Obama. Help make this a better place for our
children and their children. Help save our country, Obama in '08!

Barack Obama is asking us to BELIEVE. Not just in his ability to bring about real
change in Washington... He's asking us to believe in our wonderful country once
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