Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dangerous Code Words

Read this article at:,CST-EDT-laura14.article and pass it around. Alert all to the secret, hateful code words being carelessly tossed around by those with or without an agenda. Perhaps, if we all could think before we opened our mouths there would be less hatred in the world... Then maybe the Limbaughs and Savages would be out of a job. Peace! thinkingblue

Obama the target of dangerous code words
American politics has never been more uplifting than in 2008. The Democrats are
running a rainbow race of their best and brightest.
Sen. Barack Obama is battling to become America's first black president. Sen.
Hillary Clinton yearns to be the first woman in the White House
Both are viable and electable
Campaigns are about words. I am hearing some words that are tapping into the
most dangerous part of the American psyche.
This nation was built on racism.
Our black ancestors were shackled, raped, brutalized. They were lynched, burned,
bombed, hosed, executed.
We can't ignore our history.
Kelly Tilghman
on the air that younger golfers looking to beat golf star Tiger Woods could
"lynch him in a back alley."

Sen. Joe Biden noted that Obama was the first "mainstream" African-American
candidate "who is articulate and bright and clean."

Bob Kerrey noted Obama's personal history in the Washington Post, singling out
his full name: Barack "Hussein" Obama.
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