Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In light of all this CIA illegal destruction of evidence on torture, I am once again clipping the youtube torture video with an update. For seven long years we have all been subjected to live in the Bush twilight zone and now this world of self-contained fantasy and horror is tossing us yet another eerie twist with this headline "CIA destroyed tapes despite court orders".

The 1959 Rod Serling, TV series appears similar to THE BUSH ZONE, with one exception. "The Twilight Zone" was suppose to be science fiction, but the show rarely offered scientific explanations. It often had a moral lesson that pertained to everyday life. The only lesson in the Bush Twilight Zone is LIE, CHEAT, MANIPULATE but if you get caught, concoct incompetence, for it's better to look naively ineffectual than expose what you really are, an unprincipled, power-hungry totalitarian!

Ya wanna bet, they'll get away with this one too! thinkingblue