Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Might Is Right...pun intended.

(pun intended)

Why does it seem like, those on the right side of the political spectrum, only advocate senselessness? I mean, they rah-rah-siss-boom-bah war and cheer FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... without the least notion of what they are really rooting for. Which is of course, human suffering and spiritual decay. Why does the military get so much respect from so many conservatives, as long as they are willing to kill everything in sight? Why, when the praised warriors come home, wounded, maimed or spiritually depleted, do they become NOTHING? It must be so demoralizing to any veteran to be reduced to the same rubble, they helped create in another land. It appears, their only worth is their stamina and their ability to hate. Once that usefulness of body and drive is reduced and their minds turn to questioning the reasons they were sent to destroy; they thus become, a nuisance to their partisan government or a financial burden to be swept aside or under the proverbial rug. Don't Dittoheads realize that when we believe in nothing but destruction to resolve problems, it proves, we have changed little since the first Homo sapien picked up a club and battered another of his specie's to a pulp? If only they could wake up and see that when we make fighting our only motivation it reduces our significance on this Earth, to a trek of following our noses through existence. It saddens me to believe that probably there will be no awakening for the warmonger, (especially with Limbaughs around for them to absorb). They will continue to epitomize the same basic, instinctual logic of primitive man, that Might is Right, pun intended. thinkingblue@blogspot.com

PS:Thanks to Keith Olbermann and his ability to express so poignantly the inequalities present in our society.

clipped from bravenewfilms.org

Thanks to Dometheus Nash for this eloquent and sobering contribution to dignity.

Watch Countdown’s Keith Olbermann air a somber and enraging segment on the sad state of affairs for our veterans on Veteran's Day. Talking with Paul Rieckhoff from IAVA, Olbermann blasted George Bush for ducking out of the ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery, talked about the growing number of homeless Iraq & Afghanistan vets and the utterly disgraceful silencing of anti-Iraq veterans in Massachusetts and Southern California who were not allowed to participate in Veterans Day parades, some were even arrested.

On the one day of the year their voices should have been heard and they should have been honored, they were instead betrayed by their fellow citizens. I don't have the words to describe that kind of cruelty.

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