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I was sent this email the other day... THE CLINTON BODY COUNT BY Ester Zone
Staff: http://www.etherzone.com/body.html

My friend wrote: THE CLINTON BODY COUNT By: Ether Zone Staff

MAN! I knew about Foster and suspicions over the plane crash of Ron Brown, had heard that the far right had accused Clinton of all sorts of connections to people winding up dead, but had never seen the list of ALL there were! That is just too massive for any "coincidence." ( friend)

thinkingblue Reply To Friend:

I went to urban legends (Snopes) on this one... just sounded a bit too bizarre for my blood... and not only that... it kind of smelled like a Republican Swiftboat circulation... When you click this link, you will see the article by the Ether Zone Staff...word for word on Snopes...
WITH A BIG FAT False. thinkingblue

The Clinton Body Count

Claim: Bill Clinton has been quietly doing away with those who oppose him.

Status: False.

A new version of a lengthy list of deaths associated with Bill Clinton began circulating on the Internet in August 1998. According to it, there have been close to fifty suspicious deaths of colleagues, advisors and citizens who were about to testify against the Clintons, with the unstated implication that Bill Clinton or
his henchmen were behind each untimely demise.

We shouldn't have to tell anyone not to believe this claptrap, but we will anyway. In a frenzied media climate where the Chief Executive couldn't boff a White House intern without the whole world finding out every niggling detail of each encounter and demanding his removal from office, are we seriously to believe the same man had been having double handfuls of detractors and former friends murdered with impunity?

My friend wrote back:

But they don't refute those people died, do they? And it really is suspicious. They say that every other public figure knows a very very wide circle of people and that things like this are bound to happen. YET, No such list exists for any other public figure, even the evil Dubwa. So I can't boil it down to "Republican Scrutiny" or "Anti-Clinton propaganda". Either.
PLUS, Who says Snopes has the last word on Truth, anyway?
Who are they? Why should I believe them any more than any other internet
Frankly, even if not EVERY name on the list was offed by the Clintons, plane
crashes and failed brakes in a new car are so easy to jimmy, that there is
probably reason to be suspicious about a few names on the list, anyway.
Did you know Hillary had an affair back in 1969 with Arthur Turco, who was
involved in at least one murder himself?? (friend)


My Thinkingblue reply:

Politics is mean and thoroughly nasty... They (those in power) will cut the throats of anyone who is a perceived threat... It's a pity how these
SWIFTBOATERS get away with what they do... (I think it was Justice William J. Brennan, Jr - a champion for us liberals - who opened the doors for the assholes, like Rush Limbaugh, to drum their sick worthless gossip into the hearts and minds of some of the American populous. How sad he would feel if he were alive today.)

But I also blame the people who, so easily buy into these absurd rumors and scandalize gossip. Believe me, if there was a hint of truth in the
Ether Zone Staff claim... the REPUGNANTS would be all over it and both Hillary and Bill would be awaiting torture in some far away HELL HOLE after being victims of EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION. That's how much the creeps on the right hate them. I am not hoping for a Hillary victory next year but if she gets the nomination on the Dem ticket, I will vote for her. She and Bill both subscribe to the Republican agenda of government by the rich, (plutocracy) and are allies of Corporate wellness above the Peoples wellness but she is not a reckless lunatic like so many of the ones in office now. If our rights aren't soon protected we will loose them altogether... and we will be as much in the dark about reality as the North Koreans are. If this happens... THERE WILL BE MANY CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS (or anyone who thinks) ACCUSED OF SOME SORT OF CAPITAL CRIME BY A KANGAROO COURT AND EXECUTED.

The below clip asks... Why the Liberal media allows the right-wing nuts so much levity without objection... although I think this is changing, AT LEAST I HOPE IT IS... thinkingblue

ONE STEP MORE: We’ll speak later this week about Sunday’s Meet the Press,
where the Head Raccoon drug out Sally Bedell Smith to gossip and chat about
Hillary Clinton. That said, it would be hard to top this review of the session
by Digby, who notes the way the Head Raccoon seems to apply a brand new standard when a lady applies for a spot in the White House instead of the usual
gentlemen. That said, we’ll also recommend this second Digby piece. But we’ll
suggest that you ask one more question:

Digby quotes the latest statement by Glenn Beck, and asks why CNN employs him.
We’ll suggest a second question, one we’ve been asking all along: Crackpots like
Beck have been shaping the discourse back (at least) to 1992. They accused both
Clintons of a long string of murders—and many voters didn’t know this was
madness. They said the Clintons placed obscene Christmas ornaments on the White House Christmas tree. By the late 90s, they were playing along with the
mainstream press corps, reciting those lies about Gore.

Our question: Fifteen years later, why does it fall to Digby to ask about the
role they play in our discourse? Why have our liberal leaders stayed silent
about this insult to the national interest for all these endlessly insulting
years? Why was it OK to go on Hardball and call the first lady a murderer? (And of course, a big lesbo.) Why was it completely OK to repeat all those lies about Gore?

Your “liberal journals” sat and stared during fifteen years of this consummate
garbage. At the very top of the “mainstream press corps,” so did your most
famous “liberal” columnists. (Obvious exception: Paul Krugman.) Beck has now
made his latest brain-jangling statement. Our question: Fifteen years later,
tell us why it falls to people on the web to notice? MORE AT: http://www.dailyhowler.com/dh102307.shtml


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