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An Iraq War Veteran, in his own words, tells us what it felt like to fight in an unjust war. To come home and feel shame at what his government ordered him to do. Ashamed of wearing the uniform that stood for imperialism. Then explaining the feeling of wearing this same uniform again and finally, feel pride at trying to bring about peace instead of war. At long last, to have a sense of his own dignity or value even though, being arrested as a war protester.

How pathetic is this, lopsided logic of the neocon gods? When a soldier goes to battle for peace he's considered a nuisance but when forced into combat for an illegal land grab, orchestrated by armchair hucksters of war, he's deemed brave. BHOM!!!
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An Iraq war veteran reflects on the
Sept. 15 march
‘The first time I put on that uniform I hoped I would
wear it with honor. On Sept. 15, I finally did.’
The writer is an Iraq war veteran.

Mike Prysner arrested
The writer was arrested at the Capitol on Sept. 15 along with 195 others.
Photo: Stanley Rogouski

a uniform that was issued to me nearly five years ago.
I remembered the first time I held it, wondering if I would ever wear it home,
wondering if it would be stained by blood or shredded by bullets.
it is faded from 12 months of desert sand and sun.
For so many years, that uniform has not stood for justice and freedom
It is the uniform that drove humvees and manned machine guns.
the uniform that dragged people from their homes and interrogated them in prison
But on the streets of Washington, D.C., the uniform took on new meaning.
no longer worn with the intention of fighting for the government, but fighting
against it.
government ordered us
march into a foreign land
and take i
This war will end
Capitol police 250
Capitol police [Lin]
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