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This is a well written remarkable story of how our military is showing signs of...

("You've got to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run." The reference to his hit song, "The Gambler," is not facile. The Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz wrote that war, in its complexities and uncertainties, most resembles a game of cards -- let's say Texas Hold'em in honor of the President's adopted state. Over the last four-plus years, we've shoved hundreds of billions of dollars into the Iraqi pot, suffered sobering losses in killed-in-action/wounded-in-action, yet we're still holding losing cards dealt from a stacked deck. Even so, the Bush administration has recently doubled-down instead of folding, hoping to hit an inside straight despite long odds.)

I have long compared the Bush cabal's endlessly planning, (or should I say ad-libbing) their war, to a game of chess but this game of cards parallel is much closer to the reality of it. Maybe with this analogy, the next time we look at Bush's sorry-ass face when he, once again, hubristically appears on our TV screens sputtering out how we are going to WIN in Iraq (he doesn't seem to mention Afghanistan too often) instead of seeing the little president, before us, we will see a GAMBLER, gambling with our life, liberty and justice. Do you think maybe then, the Dems will want to IMPEACH and convict before it is too late. Don't hold your breath!
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Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, The Endless Summer of Distraction

the Mets, my team of choice, hit the skids before the season ended and
disintegrated in a way we only wish the Bush administration would -- to knock
out a quick intro. Distracted? Who me?
the Bush administration, with 25,000 troops
25,000 NATO troops
more than three times the number in 2003, when the Taliban
heading for the Afghan past
is digging in for the long haul
Bagram Airbase
is being href="">rapidly
as are our href="">prison
And, it seems, some of the blood sports are taking place among American troops.

Take the strange case of thirty year old

Ciara Durkin, href="">href="">a
She also told her family
"If something happens to me in Afghanistan, don't let it go without an
Three weeks later
she had been found dead on Bagram Airbase, shot once in the head.
Shades of Pat Tillman
When, in mid-September, General David Petraeus testified before Congress on
"progress" in Iraq
tough bird.
a superpower in distress
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