Saturday, October 13, 2007

FOX NEWS and the Gullible who watch!

This is so prototypical of a typical FOX NEWS broadcast. Whenever, I stumble upon a video of a Fox news item ... (Stumble, because I can't stomach even a few minutes of the so called News Source on my TV, since I've CONTRACTED THE BAD HABIT OF "THINKING") I can't help but think... (Darn, there I go again THINKING) WHO ARE THE IGNORAMUSES WHO NEED A DAILY DOSE OF THIS B.S. EVERYDAY? They must not listen or watch anything else but Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Michelle Malkin and slanderous of all, ANN COULTER who recently said "U.S. is a 'Christian nation' and Jews needed to 'perfect' themselves into Christians" or the many other right-winged noise makers, to believe ANYTHING they have to say. Because if they would pick up a legitimate magazine or newspaper and glance at it or maybe even, "cringe", look at a different channel like... "OH NO", Link TV, FreeSpeech TV or PBS, they might develop that annoying habit of THINKING FOR THEMSELVES, too! Please watch the video below... thinkingblue

Fox News calls liberal "son of a bitch"

Fox News' lack of professionalism marches on.
Typical of Fox News, when, the Council Member Charles Barron from NY gets attacked by right-wing Neil Cavuto who calls in a so-called reporter who's on the scene. The reporter quickly gets angry at the liberal as well. Enjoy the fireworks.


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