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Reply, By Barry Yesterday at 2:53 am EDT

I hope I got this right the bold type belongs to Carolyn and the regular
type belongs to "snakelips". I know it is not quite right for a middle age
white man to say this but Carolyn you go girl. I've got your back. The
first thing that got me started about "snakelips" is the teach a man to
fish comment. Go back to the history books that idea comes right out of
the Kennedy Democrats. It is the basic foundation of "The Great Society"
and goes back to basic christian teaching as well. The problem that social
programs had and still have (I have said this before here) is that
conservatives be they neo-cons or Dixiecrats alway fight on funding. Pres.
Bush spouts off about no child left behind while not fully funding it.
They blame the poor for not learning enough to get ahead while attending
the crumbling schools that they created. Neo-cons talk about
redistributing the wealth when what people want is a fair chance. Even
though our poor are the richest in the world our middle class does not
include people living in McMansions. I live in one of the wealthiest
states in America. I pay half as much in rent as my neighbor because my
landlord rented me a home not a house. I have lived here 16 years because
they have told us a number of times that we can live here as long as we
want. We live here without fearing they will cash out as the housing
bubble bursts. That has really helped since I was crippled by the lasting
effects of polio. "snakelips" take away one of your family's incomes and
see how long it takes for you to hit the streets. I also live in a state
that boasts a large percentage of registered Democrats. I'm sorry but I
can pick a Republican in any public place in this state. They're the one
making snide remarks because the black girl at the counter is working fast
enough to suit them. They're the ones using terms like towelheads. They
ride around in pick-up trucks with a "God is my co-pilot" bumper sticker.
Just recently I watched one going down the road at 70 mph playing pinball
with the lines on the highway at 11:00am. Beware if I see you doing it
I'll call 911 on your ass. Lastly neo-cons are the most self-righteous lot
who believe Dems are whats wrong with America all the while commiting all
sorts of sins i.e Foley, Abramoff, Cunningham, Delay, Nixon, Agnew...


Thanks for the reply, Barry. It is so refreshing to talk to a fellow liberal, someone who uses their brain for research and inquiry, instead of for memorizing trite phrases or terms of newspeak (rovespeak). Like this question from Blogbox:

Who has the best research skills and demonstrates a genuine thirst for the truth?

A. The Washington Times

B. Any lefty blogger

Also want to thank you for the reminder of where snakelips' expression "teach a man to fish..." (one of the idioms in the conservative dictionary of Orwellian language) came from. Yes, I believe it was, Kennedy who used this catch-phrase when he started the Peace-Corps but did you know it is actually an old Chinese proverb:
“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.”

But like most of the politically charged phrases the con people use IT IS TAKEN OUT OF CON-TEXT! In my limited estimation, it is meant as a guide for helping third world countries to become autonomous and sovereign, and not to rely on foreign entities for their daily bread (hence, cannot become victims of embargos and sanctions from the rich states, that enjoy playing with the poor ones).

NOT, and I mean IN NO WAY as reference to a welfare mother with many little kids or the working poor on food stamps. But, that is how they use it.

The snakelips of our nation do more harm to us as a people than all the WMD cache in No. Korea could ever do. They make us look like, (another old saying) UGLY AMERICANS, heartless and cruel. They voted in the most inhuman bunch of compassionless ideologues to come down the pike. They believe the malicious logos from the likes of the Limbaughs, Savages, Falwells, Robertsons, Coulters, and other nasty, venomous people from the rightwing, who they revere, without question. They suffer from this blindness of mind, by making misinformed choices but worse, WE SUFFER TOO!

Like I wrote in my post to snakelips, we all are plagued with a certain amount of bigotry, that most of us who use our noggins can fight off but since the red states is getting almost impossible for me to beat back the feeling of nausea when I reflect on what the neo-cons have thrust us into. (with the help of the non-thinking citizens with red faces) They have played us for a chump in a variety of ways but mainly THE BUSH IRAQ WAR.

So much heartache, sacrifice and cost to so many people, even if they (the neo-conservatives) gave up their fortunes or their spineless existence they could not repay the damage they did so nonchalantly, with little concern for those, the mothers and children, the elderly and sick, the TROOPS and their families, who they put in harms way to satisfy their controversial dreams of USA Superpower supremacy. It all stinks to high heaven, and we are stuck with the mess! Even if we take back our country, the cleanup will be lengthy and costly, we all will be anguished for years to come but let us hope that at least the screw-ups will have ceased and recovery will be on its way.

Thanks again, and write often, Carolyn

Philosophy of Deception

A short, interesting article about Leo Strauss, the 'father' of the neo-conservative (PNAC) ideology. Deception, religion, nationalism, all for the benefit of the elites and to control the masses. REPOST of UK IMC




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