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Are people really starting to wake up? According to Paul Krugman, THEY ARE! It's been a long time, since we Democrats have had a resemblance of sanity in our life and in our government.

It seemed as though, the Republicans had no limits, no boundaries in their game of dirty pool. They lied, smeared, concocted and conspired to maintain their power. 40 years of their power climb, finally being questioned by more than Democrats.

Many have speculated the Democratic Party is foundering, claims were made that they are spinless. But I don't see it that way, because in frailness one gives in, in decrepitude one gives up the ghost. The Democrats have been hanging in there through all the Republican illegal coup d'états... for instance,the Delay illegal redistricting:

Republican lawmakers and state officials who helped craft the proposal were aware it posed a high risk of being ruled discriminatory compared with other options. But the Texas legislature proceeded with the new map anyway because it would maximize the number of Republican federal lawmakers in the state. The redistricting was approved in 2003, and Texas Republicans gained five seats in the U.S. House in the 2004 elections, solidifying GOP control of Congress. From this site: Washington Post Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal.

The Dems were in the minority, they couldn't do anything under our constitution to stop this thievery but they didn't just idly stand-by they took off to another state to stall this dishonest action by the Repubs...

Texas law required that two-thirds of the hundred-and-fifty-member body be present in order to conduct legislative business; the Democrats, who numbered sixty-two, could stop the legislation simply by not showing up. So most of them took off for Oklahoma. From this site: DRAWING THE LINE

And, as the recent Foley scandal unfolds, Democrats are hitting back hard, it's payback time. What the Republicans did to Bill Clinton was nothing more than slander to the highest degree. Foley, himself took part in the brutal defamation of a standing president... Read below:

Perverts Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones. But that Didn't Stop Foley from Blasting Bill Clinton 8 Years Ago They say that hindsight is a luxury, and if the events of the past few days are any indication, Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) very well may be an authority on sexual addiction, which would explain his comments back in September 1998 about former president Bill Clinton's randy transgressions:

"It's vile," said Foley to a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times after reviewing special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's report . "It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."

Foley had joined a chorus of Republicans who excoriated Clinton over his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He was especially disturbed at the time over Starr's account of Monica Lewinsky performing oral sex on Clinton as he chatted with members of Congress on the telephone. That was "just sad," he said. "It's unbelievable that he could behave so carelessly in that setting." Perhaps we'll learn in the near future just how many Congressmen and women Foley might have been chatting with while typing away his perverted emails and instant messages to underage boys.

Please read the revelations below (revelations for Republican voters, most Democrats knew this all along) from Paul Krugman. The comments are mine.

It's been a long, tough road of Republican authority with the conservative plutocrats striving to maintain their wealth and muscle at the expense of our constitution and our very lives. But a new beginning is on the horizon, a better tomorrow is on its way! thinkingblue

PS: Also, view another outstanding commentary by Keith Olbermann.

Things Fall Apart

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 by bill

From NY Times
By Paul Krugman

Right after the 2004 election, it seemed as if Thomas Frank had been completely vindicated. In his book “What’s the Matter With Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America,” Mr. Frank argued that America’s right wing had developed a permanent winning strategy based on the use of “values” issues to mobilize white working-class voters against a largely mythical cultural elite, while actually pursuing policies designed to benefit a small economic elite
(Good Grief what is wrong with this white working-class voter? thinkingblue)
It was and is a brilliant analysis. But the political strategy Mr. Frank described may have less staying power than he feared. In fact, the right-wing coalition that has spent 40 years climbing to its current position of political dominance may be cracking up.
(I hope so! thinkingblue)

At its core, the political axis that currently controls Congress and the White House is an alliance between the preachers and the plutocratsbetween the religious right, which hates gays, abortion and the theory of evolution, and the economic right, which hates Social Security, Medicare and taxes on rich people. Surrounding this core is a large periphery of politicians and lobbyists who joined the movement not out of conviction, but to share in the spoils. (Guess which type of people are in the economic right... If you see dollar signs... BINGO! thinkingblue)

Together, these groups formed a seemingly invincible political coalition, in which the religious right supplied the passion and the economic right supplied the money.

The coalition has, however, always been more vulnerable than it seemed, because it was an alliance based not on shared goals, but on each group’s belief that it could use the other to get what it wants. Bring that belief into question, and the whole thing falls apart.

Future historians may date the beginning of the right-wing crackup to the days immediately following the 2004 election, when President Bush tried to convert a victory won by portraying John Kerry as weak on defense into a mandate for Social Security privatization. The attempted bait-and-switch failed in the face of overwhelming public opposition. If anything, the Bush plan was even less popular in deep-red states like
Montana than in states that voted for Mr. Kerry.
(Bush&Co. forgot the rice bowl concept of DON'T YOU DARE GO NEAR MY RICE BOWL! thinkingblue)

And the religious and cultural right, which boasted of having supplied the Bush campaign with its “shock troops” and expected a right-wing cultural agenda in return — starting with a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage — was dismayed when the administration put its energy into attacking the welfare state instead. James Dobson, the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, accused Republicans of “just ignoring those that put them in office.”(Oh how sad for the Dobsons, their bigoty didn't take precedence over greed. thinkingblue)

It will be interesting, by the way, to see how Dr. Dobson, who declared of Bill Clinton that “no man has ever done more to debase the presidency,” responds to the Foley scandal. Does the failure of Republican leaders to do anything about a sexual predator in their midst outrage him as much as a Democratic president’s consensual affair? (Now we know, it was not about Bill Clinton's sex-Capades IT WAS ABOUT GREED AND POWER!!! thinkingblue)

In any case, just as the religious right was feeling betrayed by Mr. Bush’s focus on the goals of the economic right, the economic right suddenly seemed to become aware of the nature of its political allies. “Where in the hell did this Terri Schiavo thing come from?” asked Dick Armey, the former House majority leader, in an interview with Ryan Sager, the author of “The
Elephant in the Room: Evangelicals, Libertarians and the Battle to Control the Republican Party.” The answer, he said, was “blatant pandering to James Dobson.” He went on, “Dobson and his gang of thugs are real nasty bullies.”
(Enlightenment! thinkingblue)

Some Republicans are switching parties. James Webb, who may pull off a macaca-fueled upset against Senator George Allen of Virginia, was secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan. Charles Barkley, a former N.B.A. star who used to be mentioned as a possible future Republican candidate, recently declared, “I was a Republican until they lost their minds.”(Why must discernment take so long. thinkingblue)

So the right-wing coalition is showing signs of coming apart. It seems that we’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact, Kansas itself doesn’t seem to be in Kansas anymore. Kathleen Sebelius, the state’s Democratic governor, has achieved a sky-high favorability rating by focusing on good governance rather than culture wars, and her party believes it will win big this year.(At last, caring about peole instead, FOMENTING HATRED... isn't it funny when you split hatred by syllables it reads HAT RED... Let us hope the republican reign of hatred is finally over. thinkingblue)

And nine former Kansas Republicans, including Mark Parkinson, the former state G.O.P. chairman, are now running for state office as Democrats. Why did Mr. Parkinson change parties? Because he “got tired of the theological debate over whether Charles Darwin was right.”

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