Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Bush's ownership society turns out to be the on-your-ownership society.

Bush and the FAR RIGHT FUNDAMENTALIST'S Intelligible Design, finally EXPLAINED. TIME TO HIDE

LAST Night I wrote the below paragraphs as my opinion, on a petition sent to
the Florida representatives of my state. Not sure, if these petitions have
a snowball's chance in HELL to stop the ugliness that has befallen
our country since Bush was selected our president in 2000; but, it
really seems this is the only weapon we sane people have to cease the
psychotic laws, this deplorable regime is trying to make rational people


As a child in public school, learning about the dark ages, I use to think "OH MY GOODNESS, I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T LIVE BACK THEN"... Now, with this dark age Religious Right Regime...



Definition of The Dark Age
n. 1. An era of repression and
unenlightenment: The war plunged the country into a Dark Age. 2. Dark
Ages. a. The period from about A.D. 476 to about the year 1000. b. The
entire period from the end of classical civilization to the REVIVAL OF
LEARNING in the West; the Middle Ages.


THE REVIVAL OF LEARNING... This has a poignant ring to it!

What is happening today is the desire to take little children’s minds (they have already accomplished this on many adult's minds) and drill DARK AGE rhetoric of converting the parables of the bible into literal reality messages of intolerance and non-questioning of their rule, in order to close their open young minds... It’s BARBARIC! ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE HITLER YOUTH CAMPS. Please use common sense and don't try to use HEAD START to ZOMBIE-IONIZE our young minds. It can't work and it won't work... Sooner or later the little zombies will mature and the outcome will be HATE!
ThinkingBlue Click here to see this page with music

Stop Religious Discrimination in Head Start TAKE ACTION CLICK HERE: Below is an article that makes this CRYSTAL CLEAR!



Intelligible - Describing written or oral communication that is easily understood:
SYNONYMS - clear, understandable, crystal clear, comprehensible, direct, limpid , perspicuous, plain, unambiguous


subject to debate by Katha Pollitt

Intelligible Design

[THE NATION from the October 3, 2005 issue]

Sometimes I wonder if the future, in some strange metaphysical way,
reaches down into our psyches and readies us to accept what is to come.
Maybe we know things before we know them. By the time change is plain to
see, we've unconsciously adapted to it and have learned to call it
something else--God's will, human nature, life.

Let's say, for example, that the American Empire is just about over.
Let's say China and India and other countries as well are set to surge
ahead in science and technology, leaving reduced opportunities for upward
mobility for the educated, while capital continues to roam the world in
search of cheap labor, leaving a shattered working class. Let's
say we really are becoming a society of fixed status: the have-nots, an
anxious and defensive middle and what George W. Bush famously calls his
base, the have-mores. What sort of shifts in culture and social structure
would prepare us for this looming state of affairs? A resurgence of
Christian fundamentalism would fill the bill nicely.

Intellectually, scientifically, even artistically,
fundamentalism--biblical literalism--is a road to nowhere,

because it insists on fidelity to revealed truths that are not
. But religious enthusiasm is not all bad. Like love or
political activism, it can help troubled souls transform their lives. And
if what we're looking at is an America with an ever-larger and boxed-in
working class and tighter competition for high-paying jobs among the
elite, fundamentalism is exactly the thing to manage decline: It
schools the downwardly mobile in making the best of their lot while
teaching them to be grateful for the food pantry and daycare over at the
church. At the same time, taking advantage of existing currents of
anti-intellectualism and school-tax resistance,
it removes from the pool of potential scientists and other creative professionals vast numbers of students, who will have had their minds befuddled with creationism and its smooth-talking cousin, intelligent design.

Already, according to a study by University of Minnesota biology
professor Randy Moore, 40 percent of high school biology teachers
don't teach evolution, either because it's socially unacceptable in their
communities or because they themselves don't believe in it.

If you think of current behavior as an advance accommodation to what
is on the way, some things make sense that otherwise are mysterious.
Why, at the very moment that we are talking obsessively about
academic "excellence" and leaving no child behind, are we turning our
public schools into factories of rote learning and multiple-choice
testing, as if learning how to read and count were some huge

Well, if your fate is to be a supermarket checker--and that's a "good
job" these days--you won't be needing Roman history or art or calculus. By
the same token, cutting state university budgets, burdening students with
debt and turning college into a kind of middle-management trade school
makes sense, if shrinking opportunities for the professional elite lie
ahead. Why create more competition for the graduates of the Ivy

Another mystery potentially explained: Government's
determination to keep working-class women from controlling their
Why does it set a biological trap that dooms
them to years of struggle with repercussions for everyone around them,
including their children?
(It's true that teen pregnancy rates
are going down, but they're still astronomical by the standards of any
other industrial nation--six times the rate in the Devil's own country,
France.) For all our talk about single-parent families--the reason
for the terrible poverty of black New Orleans, if we are to believe
right-wing columnists Rich Lowry and David Brooks--we act to bring about
more of them, and of the most vulnerable, makeshift kind.

Somehow single motherhood is supposed to be the fault of the left, but
it's the right that has cut public funding for contraception, held up Plan B, restricted abortion, flooded the schools with useless abstinence-only sex ed and now even threatens to bar confidentiality to girls seeking birth control.
If you wanted a fatalistic, disorganized working class, a working class
too worn out by the day-to-day to do much more than get by, saddling girls
with babies is a great idea.

Hurricane Katrina was heartbreaking--and it was shocking too. The
realities it laid bare--the stark class and race divisions
of New Orleans, the callousness and cluelessness and sheer
shameless incompetence of the Bush Administration, the long years of
ecological mismanagement of the Gulf region--show how far the process of
adaptation to decline has already gone.

Bush's ownership society turns out to be the on-your-ownership society.
The rising tide that was supposed to lift all boats is actually a flood that only those who already
have a boat can escape.

For decades the right has worked day and night to delegitimize concepts
without which no society can thrive, or maybe even survive

--the common good, social solidarity, knowledge and expertise, public service.

God, abstinence and the market were supposed to solve all our problems.
Bad news--climate change, rising poverty, racial and gender disparities,
educational failure, the mess in Iraq--was just flimflam from liberals who
hate freedom. Is there another world power that lives in such a fantasy
world? Now, in old people left to drown in their nursing home beds, in
police who reportedly demanded that young women stranded on rooftops bare
their breasts in return for rescue, in the contempt for public safety
shown by Bush's transformation of FEMA into a pasture for hapless
cronies--we can all see what those fantasies obscured.
A government that doesn't believe in government was a disaster waiting to

That disaster was Katrina, and it's swept us a crucial political moment. It's as if we're being given something people rarely get: a chance to take a hard look at
the future we are preparing for ourselves, an America that has used up its
social and economic and intellectual capital and in which it's every man
for himself, and every woman, too.

Is that the future we want?
Because if we let this moment slip away, that is where we are heading



Hear it playing CLICK HERE


Who's afraid of the sun
Who would question the goodness of the mighty
We who banish the threat
When your little ones all go nighty nighty
Well there's no time for doubt right now
And less time to explain
So get back on your horses
Kiss my ring and join our next campaign

And the Empire grows
With the news that we're winning
With more fear to conquer
And more gold thread for spinning
Till it's bright as the sun
Shining on everyone

Some would say we've forced our words
And we find that in generously churlish
Words are just words
Don't be so pessimistic, weak and girlish

We Like strong, happy people
Who don't think there's something wrong with pride
Work makes them free
And we spread that freedom far and wide

And the Empire grows the seeds of its glory
For every five tanks
Plant a sentimental story
Till they worship the sun
Even Christ loving ones

And we'll kill the terrorizers
And a million of their races
But when our people torture you
That's a few random cases
Don't question the sun
It doesn't help anyone

But the journalists cried out
When it was too late to stop us
Everyone had awakened
To the dream they could enter our colossus
And now I'm right, yeah, you said I'm right
There's nothing that can harm me
Cause the sun never sets on my dungeons or my army

And the Empire fell on its own splintered axis
And the Emperor wanes as the silver moon waxes
And the farmers will find old coins
In their strawberry fields
While somebody somewhere twists his ring
And someone kneels
Oh, where is the sun shining for everyone?
Where is the sun shining for everyone?


Thinking Blue Wrote This On
September 23, 2005

I cannot be there, at the DC Peace Rally, on Sept. 24th, but I am so glad that move-on has created this petition to show words and pictures of those who would like to go but are unable... This allows us to show support for all those who are SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SENSELESS BUSH WAR... Please sign the petition below if you feel the same way. Thanks, Thinking Blue

Here are three of the TrueMajority members who are on the petition. Sign the petition now, and join them:

Thinking Blue from FL:
We must bring back sanity to our country. We need an exit strategy in Iraq... TODAY! Bring our troops home before many more are lost. Each day the numbers of dead and wounded grow. STOP THE ESCALATION OF MISERY AND HEARTACHE. It's time, it's past time to bring rationality and our troops home. Thinking Blue

Erin from Rochester, IL: Please help make our nation strong again by bringing our troops home and putting money back into the programs that need it here in America. Thank you.

John from Macungie, PA: Those of us who were in the first "Wrong War" know its time to get out of the second "Wrong War".


Tell Your Friends:
Take the Peace Message to DC

Send Your Face and Your
Words, if Your Body Can't Get There

Hello Everyone,

We're already nearly halfway to our goal of
50,000 signatures on our new "photo petition" to Congress. These
photos and messages from you and your friends will be delivered to
members of Congress on Monday, Sept. 26th as part of three days of
action in Washington, D.C. calling for peace in Iraq.
If you haven't yet,

Sign the petition now
You can upload a photo, too, but it isn't required.

Then, tell your friends! We
need to get as many names as possible. Our goal is 50,000, but it will
only happen if you forward this mail to your friends.

And most importantly, come to DC
if you can. The peace movement is re-invigorated, and this weekend
will prove it. Here's a link to info about Saturday's rally, including
how to find a bus to get there:
Signing the petition is easy. If you aren't
already a TrueMajority member we’ll ask for your address, so we can
figure out who your member of Congress is. Then, you’ll get a chance
to upload a picture of yourself and add any personal comments for your
Congress member. The picture can be any photo of yourself that you
already have on your hard drive, or you can take a new one holding up
a sign. We’ll put the petitions together and deliver them to each
Member of Congress Monday morning.

Remember, adding a photo makes the petition
more powerful, but sign it whether you have a picture or not.

Thanks for supporting the rally,

Matt Holland
Online Organizer

P.S. Even if you are going to Washington you
can still sign the petition. And please pass this email around to
everyone you know.

Click here to upload your photo and sign our petition.

We Need Your Help! Please share this email:

Big update:

We all did it!

300,000 Surround White House
in Largest Antiwar Protest Since War Began

With the support of everyone in the antiwar movement around the country, the September 24th demonstration was a magnificent success. We had hoped for 100,000 people, and more than 300,000 joined the protest. We received media coverage all around the world. The article below, from the Washington Post, took up the front page of the newspaper above the fold. The ANSWER Coalition initiated this demonstration on May 12, 2005 under the slogans "Stop the War Against Iraq" and "End Colonial Occupation from Iraq, to Palestine, to Haiti and
Everywhere." We also later connected the war in Iraq with Bush's criminal
neglect in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. On May 12, we also proposed
to the United for Peace and Justice that our two coalitions enter into a
united front for the purpose of maximizing the broadest possible turnout
in the streets. We believe that the final agreement to organize a joint
rally and joint march was in the best interests of launching a wider
struggle against the war-makers.

Everyone should feel very proud in the success of this demonstration, and
the large-scale protests that also took place in San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Seattle, and in other cities. More than 350 cities and towns
organized transportation to come to Washington DC. The commitment and
self-sacrifice of local organizers speaks to the fact that this movement
has taken off.

If you could not go to the demonstration or you know a friend or family
member that could not go, but would like to have gone, you can now join
the demonstration from home! We've set up an easy mechanism so you can let
the politicians know that you stand with the more than 300,000 people at
the Sept. 24 March on Washington and are demanding Bring the Troops Home
Now, spend money on human needs - not war and occupation!

We want to send a special "thank you" to the hundreds of A.N.S.W.E.R.
volunteers who helped with stage and sound set up, takedown, fund
collection, march security, and the tireless around-the-clock work that
was necessary to make the demonstration so successful. Many volunteers
have hardly slept for the last 72 hours.

We also want to send a special "thank you" to all of those who have also
made a financial contribution. This movement exists because of the
commitment of those who can make a financial contribution. We have to keep
up the momentum. If you would like to continue to sustain the
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and build on this national success to take the next steps,
please make a generous donation.





Justice Sunday's Derision of Faith

Perfumed Lies

What War Really Looks Like ... From Bushflash

100 Bush Days (seems more like 100 years)

Mother's Day Proclamation

National Religion

Bush Lies Democracy Dies



Deception, Denial, and Demagoguery

War, What War?














CAROLYNCONNETION - I've got a mind and I'm going to use
Thinking Blue blogspot


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