Tuesday, August 30, 2005

WORD OF THE DAY "requiescat"

I wonder, am I paranoid and conspiracy minded or am I keen-witted and possess the knowledge of knowing what this Bush&Co regime is capable of doing to hold on to their power... I think the latter...
At this time, (DURING BUSH'S SLIDE IN THE POLLS) if a terrorist attack of catastrophic proportions should occurr, there is more than a gargantuan chance that the neocons would be behind it. They are only about wealth and power and as Bush's numbers fall so does their peace of mind. The neocons, I believe, would go to any lengths to hold on to their power, so the below comments do not seem far-fetched, not on your life...
But first read a little history about "THE REICHSTAG FIRE"! Thinking Blue


On 27th February the Reichstag caught fire. When the police arrived they found Marinus van der Lubbe on the premises. After being tortured by the Gestapo he confessed to starting the Reichstag Fire. However he denies that he was part of a Communist conspiracy. Hermann Goering refuses to believe him and he orders the arrest of several leaders of the German Communist Party (KPD).

When Hitler heard the news about the fire he gave orders that all leaders of the
German Communist Party should "be hanged that very night." Paul von Hindenburg vetoed this decision but did agree that Hitler should take "dictatorial powers". KPD candidates in the election were arrested and Hermann Goering announced that the Nazi Party planned "to exterminate" German communists. From this site: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERreichstagF.htm

word of the day

requiescat n. A prayer for the repose of the souls of the dead.


Sad thing, is that I don't think this is all that far out, but VERY POSSIBLE! Scary Shit! At least, you and I are not the only ones gone "paranoid" and "conspiracy minded." Read on.... jc


Bush's declining support

Perhaps I either read TOO many mysteries, or am just naturally paranoid, but what truly worries
me is that if Bush, et al, lose control of either Congress or the White
House, we will suffer another major terrorist attack, Bush will, using
national security as the rationale, suspend the Constitution and impose
martial law. If the Republicans lose control of Congress Bush will have
two years to act, and if they lose the election in 2008, he will have two
months. Convince me I am wrong!

Jane White


Jane White
on Sat Aug 27th, 2005
at 12:04:04 PM EDT


They're already laying the foundation for it... in the name of fighting illegal immigration by declaring states of emergencies and given these the Minute Men full reign to kill on sight.

Although I strongly oppose the number of illegal immigrants crossing
our borders and agree something must be done, I see the Neocons as using
this as a distractive plot to bring about to bring your fears into
reality just as you have mentioned. We can take nothing for granted and
must question everything they do. The majority of Americans are
disgrutled and fed up with this administration and are probably waiting
until the 06 midterm elections to try and balance out the executive
branch of government. The Neocons are making their vicious plans you
can bet on it.

So no, your apprehensions are far from being paranoia.

Forever in the struggle for justice and peace, Emah

by emah1 (bringonthepeace@charter.net)
on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 12:49:02 PM EDT

don't be afraid

If the so-called Chinese Communist government of China couldn't control the free speech
movement on the Internet,who do you think Bush was? Do you think he was
the one who invented the Internet?Don't take my words but to take every
other words or disinformation with a grain of salt!


on Sun Aug 28th, 2005 at
04:46:40 AM EDT

Dark forces

The way I see it, things are getting so desperate for Bush, there is no
way to get out of this pickle EXCEPT for another major terrorist attack
even more shocking than 9/11. His job approval ratings are extremely low and still falling. The war
grows more violent and intractable every day, and almost everybody knows
it's his fault. We're facing record-high oil prices which will
precipitate inflation and a stock market crash down the road. Republicans
in Congress are starting to rebel. The military brass is rebelling. The
CIA, the State Department, and the veterans are rebelling. And that pesky
federal prosecutor on the Plame case can't be scared off or bought off.
If the dark forces behind the Bush White House don't act soon, there will
be indictments and calls for impeachment. They're not about to let that

This is like a disaster flick, and I'm all on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they'll do it. But I feel sure they'll do it. And they may find a way to blame it on the left.Cassandra


on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at
02:26:09 PM EDT

Dark Forces
Cassandra, I believe
that the next attacks will implicate Iran. The neocrazies want a pretext
for the bombing, perhaps nuking, of Iran, and they will try and put our
nation and our military in harms way to achieve their goal.

You are right;Bush needs a jump start in the polls. However, unlike
9-11-2001, there are many in America who will question the timing of
these new attacks.And I believe that there are others in the CIA, FBI,
and the military who will stand up and speak the truth.

Call me an optimist,but the dark forces you allude to ( I love your
imagery) are self seving, and if they see that the Cowboy from
Kennebunkport is vulnerable, and that his power is ebbing, they will
turn on him like Cronos devouring his young. This may force many stealth
neocrazies to re-plot their course, simply because many Americans are
onto their scam. WWIII may be postponed for a while.

"A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.": Euripides


on Sat Aug 27th, 2005 at 05:28:38 PM EDT

No WAY is that SOB from Kennebunkport....he just went there to get drunk and drive around...terrorising the locals. by catntree on Sat Aug 27th, 2005
at 05:44:06 PM EDT

Well, there are various possibilities, jbyopa. As you said, people
will be suspicious this time, so it will have to be good. The dark
forces will have to decide how desperate they are to keep Bush in
power and salvage his image. If they can stage another terrorist
attack and declare martial law, the Plame investigation will be moot
and all criticism of the president can be treated as treason. That
would prevent impeachment, and elections could be postponed until
further notice--saving the neocons a lot of bother and cutting
straight to the chase of autocracy and empire.

There would still be rumblings and isolated mutinies. That's when
Bush would have to decide just how far he wanted to go--whether he was
going to be the kind of leader who crushes opposition with an iron
fist in the name of "protecting America". Members of the armed forces
would have to make their own decisions about whether to rebel and risk
court martial and execution as traitors. Not many would dare to do
this, especially after a big terrorist attack.

Scapegoats would be needed, though. That's where we come in. Yes,
Iran would be the major culprit and we'd rain pre-planned nuclear fire
down on them of course. But members of the American left would also
be vilified for giving aid and comfort to the enemy with our anti-war
movement. There would be kangaroo trials as well as lynchings, and
lots of us would either flee the country--or just shut up and play
possum. Thus the opposition would shrink and the stalwart few
remaining would be imprisoned or eliminated. That's the way fascism

On the other hand, if the dark forces decide somewhere
along the way that Bush is a dufus who has outlived his usefulness,
they might assassinate him, thereby transforming him into a very
useful martyr--a humble and misunderstood man who gave his life so the
peoples of the world could enjoy freedom etc. etc.
spectacle of his grieving family would have the whole nation in tears.
And we'd go through the familiar routine of naming buildings, parks,
airports and so on after George W. Bush, perhaps with a dazzling new
monument in D.C. All this would take place under the administration
of Dick Cheney, our new Benevolent Leader and president. The
afterglow of Bush's tragic martyrdom would keep criticism off Cheney
and the Republicans for years to come. They would spend that time
purging the Traitors of the Left and plotting against one another.

I don't know if these things will happen. They're pretty
far out, I know that. But people never see fascism coming if it's
done right. Everything can change overnight, with an attack by
"outside enemies". I'm speaking of this because I don't want them to
surprise us, if that's what they're planning. Our nation is in a very
precarious state, and the outcome will depend on how far they are
willing to go.

I believe these people are capable of all this, and more.

Cassandra by Cassandra on Sat Aug 27th,
2005 at 07:45:46 PM EDT
CAROLYNCONNETION - I've got a mind and I'm going to use it!


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