Saturday, February 19, 2005


I just had an exchange of ideas on the hopelessness gripping our country, that I would like to share with those who read my blog. Below is from a cyberfriend with my reply. Plus an essay about conservatives vs. liberals from a young college student. Carolyn

(My friend is responding to an article I sent called: Sweden's Take on Private Pensions)

To depend on the stock market without being wealthy is a fool's game. Many people did that during our last "bubble" and lost all their savings -- or half of it -- or some of it. In this capitalist place everything, everything, everything is geared to the rich and moneyed class. Poor and middle-poor and upper-middle-poor will always get screwed -- here and elsewhere where money is God, investment banking is Church, and where education is for those who are not us. Self-education has become increasingly more important and now available vis a vis this internet. Now with countries blustering about The Bomb and with our country sitting on most of the A-Bombs and other chemical warfare gizmos -- we will likely be blown to kingdom come before we can see our children's children's children. I have never felt LESS optimistic in my entire life. As a child of the depression, I grew up believing that with hard work and an optimistic outlook anything could be achieved. Now I realize what a great propaganda ploy that was -- the American dream fostered by government and sold to the masses via movies, news, books, radios, tv. It's like being reared in a certain religion and finding out that most of what you believed in is also propaganda. Call me

Dear Friend, word for word that is exactly what I am feeling. I hate almost everything on TV, radio and in most newspapers... The word of a corporation, doctor, lawyer, merchant, business person or especially politician is not to be trusted because their words reek of lust for money (and how to part you with yours $$$)... and this, the fascists, want to jam or bomb down the throats of the unsuspecting world... What a joke! What is so sad is the fact that it all happened before... AGAIN AND AGAIN... the human animal will never learn... greed and power, over the rights of others will always mask the magnificence of the human evolutionary mind ... When I'm not feeling intensive hatred, I get a glimmer of the true sadness of this fact... we, all the inhabitants of this earth, could be living side by side in harmony and hope but we are forced or propagandized by the institutions of power and greed to live side by side LOATHING one another! From the day we are born we are just puppets to the gluttonous opportunist... THE PLUTOCRATIC'S DOGMA!

After watching, what I think was the last episode, of the PBS series Slavery and the Making of America I realized that what was going on then, IS GOING ON NOW!... only they don't use the label slave anymore... but slavery is what they are turning, the masses of the world, into... SLAVES FOR THEIR OWN MERCENARY ENDS! And the beat goes on...

You know it really is a curse to think with common sense when all around you seems illogical. But we have got to hang in there and hope we will start to see logic return (but I have a strange suspicion it will never return and may not have ever been in our grasp)... Actually this, inaccessible hope for logic, is the only thing that makes us get out of bed each day, so we have no alternative but to try and actualize it. Carolyn

PS: Below I found a sobering essay (my opinion) written no doubt by a young
idealistic person... I loved reading his/her ideas on (click link) liberalism v.conservatism .

CAROLYNCONNETION - I've got a mind and I'm going to use it!


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