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I picked up Newsweek this morning and flipped through it. The last page caught my eye, it was an article written by Anna Quindlen called “The Ghost of Politics Past”. This is a must read for all true Liberal thinking people. It gives you an answer to the “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” question, plus a little friendly advise to Democrats. Please click the link and give this article a bit of your time you won’t regret it.

There are so many articles out there in the FREE THINKING world, written by intellectuals with a heart. I was sent in an email this article by Paul Krugman and Paul gives you another slant on the “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” dilemma. Krugman writes that what we are experiencing in reality with this Bush regime is equivalent to a bad fictional novel. Please take a look at the New York Time OP-ED piece
Worse Than Fiction. It doesn’t answer any question but does give you a sense of sanity.

What is it with Jehovah’s Witnesses? We have a JW church not far from where I live and its members periodically go around as if in some sort of hypnotist’s trance and knock on residential doors in a programmed fashion. At first, I would listen to their ten minute spiels, usually on the evils of our existence then politely tell them I am not interested in their take on reality. This worked, temporarily by making them vacate my front door. But later, a new set of programmed disciples would come around and the rhetoric on evil, I’d hear again. I tried being a bit rude to them but still, they keptacomin.

Yesterday, a very sweet looking woman in her early 40’s tapped on my door and upon opening it (which I really didn’t want to do as I was still in my night gown and house coat) she began talking about doctors and health care. I listened to her for awhile, thinking she was going to pull out a petition for me to sign. Well, she pulled something out of her purse and it wasn’t a petition… IT WAS THE JEHOVAH’S WITNESS LITTLE PAMPHLET! I uttered the same words I have spoken many times before to these people, but this time with an aura of disbelief. “OH NO, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE FROM THE CHURCH?”
She looked startled and said “Oh, the Jehovah's Witness church, uh, uh, yes.”
Again, I scolded “I am not interested! How can I get it through to you people that I have my own belief system and am not interested in yours! I don’t go around trying to make people believe as I do, so why do you?”
She seemed nervous and said, “Oh, we do have a list of the people who don’t wish to have us call.”
“Please put my name on that list.” I pleaded.
She took down my name and address and left.
I hope I won’t see any JWs again. (I suppose these zealots have a purpose but I do not beckon them to my door so please stay away.)

The reason I am writing about my little episode with the Jehovah’s Witnesses is because I feel Bush and his followers are trying to do the same thing, except worse. They are trying to make it a law that you believe as they do or go to jail.

"There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as The Dark Ages."
-Ruth Hurmence Green who wrote:
The Born Again Skeptic's Guide To the Bible

Ruth Hurmence Green

On this date, January 12, 1915 , Ruth Hurmence Green was born. The Iowa native received a journalism degree from Texas Tech in 1935, married, had three children, and settled in Missouri. Ruth, a "half-hearted Methodist," first plodded through the bible when convalescing from cancer in her early sixties, calling the shock she suffered from reading the book worse than the trauma caused by her illness. "There wasn't a page of the bible that didn't offend me in some way. There is no other book between whose covers life is so cheap," Ruth discovered, prompting her to write the enduring modern freethought classic, The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible (1979). When terminal cancer developed in 1981, Ruth, who always insisted "There are atheists in foxholes," took her own life, swallowing painkillers. In her last letter to Anne Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation on July 4, 1981, Ruth wrote: "Freedom depends upon freethinkers." D. 1981.
“I am now convinced that children should not be subjected to the frightfulness of the Christian religion . . . If the concept of a father who plots to have his own son put to death is presented to children as beautiful and as worthy of society's admiration, what types of human behavior can be presented to them as reprehensible?” -- Ruth Hurmence Green 1915 - 1981

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