Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GOP, Out For Blood!

Who They Gonna Hurt? Like Any Carnivorous Animal, The Vulnerable.
The GOP's unemotional and indifference towards the vulnerable in our society is blatant, they even, without restraint, shout it from the rooftops. Yet still, they get away with lowering taxes on wealthy corporate bodies while gutting safety nets for human bodies. They manipulate the masses just as any religion or cult controls its flock, with the use of fear. When are we going to grow up and tell them THEY ARE WRONG, malevolence is wrong?
My guess is, not for quite some time; especially when you consider Israel's recent election results, Bibi Netanyahu won again using the good old fashion Right-Wing ploy, FEAR!
And so, the human misery will continue for the Right-Wing controlled Israel and for we who live in the USA, controlled by the Right-Wing House and Senate.
The human misery will continue and so will the sadness it brings.
Until maybe, just maybe, one day we will all finally grow up and not allow the Right-Wing or any war mongering, power hungry entity, control our vote using fear.

I can dream, can't I? thinkingblue
A desperate Netanyahu used fear to grab the most seats in the election, but his rejection of a Palestinian state will further isolate the Jewish state.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu won a big election Tuesday, but he won ugly by staking out a new position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is likely to harm his nation in the months ahead.

A reckoning is coming—faster than expected—for Netanyahu, his Likud Party and maybe even for the State of Israel itself.

Complete returns showed that Netanyahu’s Likud Party won 29 seats in the Knesset to 24 seats for the Zionist Union (formerly Labor) Party headed by Isaac Herzog, who ran a more spirited campaign than expected but almost certainly fell short of the support necessary to form a government.

Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, whose job consists mostly of presiding over elections, said not long after the polls closed that he wants a coalition government and has given Netanyahu, Herzog and the other party leaders a couple of days to engage in a frenzy of (largely unconsummated) deal-making. But Herzog’s parliamentary math problem got worse as the evening wore on, and it’s hard to see where he finds the “mandates” (seats) to prevail.

"Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved."—Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513
"Machiavellianism" is a widely used negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians of the sort Machiavelli described in The Prince. The book itself gained enormous notoriety and wide readership because the author seemed to be endorsing behavior often deemed as evil and immoral. Because of this, the term "Machiavellian" is often associated with deceit, deviousness, ambition, and brutality.

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