Thursday, March 05, 2015

Easy Pickens Under The Law.

So, you think you live in a free country... Better, think again if you are of low to no income... It appears anyone who lives on the edge, hanging on by his or her fingernails... is up for grabs by all that is unholy and greedy in America. Banks, Oil, Big Pharma, Big Medical and Big Insurance, you name it, even local government whose suppose to help not gouge will dip its hands into the poor pot and grab at the easy pickins from people who are unable to fight back ... Sad beyond belief. thinkingblue

Excerpt: “The new Department of Justice report depicts a system in Ferguson that is much closer to a racket aimed at squeezing revenue out of its population than a properly working democracy,” wrote George Washington University political scientist Henry Farrell in the Monkey Cage blog, which runs in The Washington Post.

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