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President Obama Dared To Compare ISIS To Christian Crusaders

Religion and War
EXCERPT From "After President Obama’s remarks comparing ISIS militants to medieval Christian crusaders ignited a firestorm of criticism on Thursday, ABC News wanted to know: how accurate is that comparison?"
The articles I've posted claim that religion is not used very often as a cause for war and that President Obama was wrong to use The Crusades as a comparison to the ISIS terrorist attacks... I say to that, (using a statement Hillary Clinton made during the Republican Benghazi Smear Campaign against her)...
WAR and Territorial Disputes, are scourges on the human condition, we should have evolved long ago a desire for peace over war and use our intelligence to resolve differences with the objective use of words and understanding, instead of bombs and weapons that cause great suffering upon our own species.
It appears that Education, Facts or Reality (even Religion) cannot stop people from hurling that proverbial first stone at those they believe are evil and NOT A BIT like themselves, who must fight for what’s (delusionary) good for (only their own) humankind?

If We Do Not End War - War Will End Us.
~H.G. Wells~
Excerpt from The Crusades, which began in 1095 with the call of Pope Urban II to recover Jerusalem from Muslim rule, were a series of wars that lasted nearly two centuries. Although no reliable estimate of casualties caused by Crusaders exists, the massacre of over 2,700 Muslim prisoners by Richard the Lionheart outside Acre during the Third Crusade has been well documented and is remembered in the Middle East to this day. MORE HERE:

Let's go back in time when George W Bush used the Crusades as the same comparison.

Interesting opinion on using Religion as a cause for war. tb
Excerpt:  When I hear someone state that religion has caused most wars, though, I will often and ask the person to name these wars. The response is typically, "Come on! The Crusades, The Inquisition, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, 9/11. Need I name more?"
 Well, yes, we do need to name more, because while clearly there were wars that had religion as the prime cause, an objective look at history reveals that those killed in the name of religion have, in fact, been a tiny fraction in the bloody history of human conflict. In their recently published book, "Encyclopedia of Wars," authors Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod document the history of recorded warfare, and from their list of 1763 wars only 123 have been classified to involve a religious cause, accounting for less than 7 percent of all wars and less than 2 percent of all people killed in warfare. While, for example, it is estimated that approximately one to three million people were tragically killed in the Crusades, and perhaps 3,000 in the Inquisition, nearly 35 million soldiers and civilians died in the senseless, and secular, slaughter of World War 1 alone.
History simply does not support the hypothesis that religion is the major cause of conflict. The wars of the ancient world were rarely, if ever, based on religion.

A Cartoon That's Worth A 1000 Words.

If We Do Not End War - War Will End Us. H.G. Wells

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