Monday, February 02, 2015

The Spreading of Bigotry and Hate Via Facebook

I saw this little composition (below image) on Facebook today and at first, I thought it an honoring of someone who valiantly saved lives during his tour in Viet Nam. Upon a second look, however, it emerged as the same ole, same ole hate propaganda that Republicans use to spread their political animosity. 
We sure live in a pathetic world where Too Many can't see beyond their prejudice, especially when there are those (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Tea Party politicians and Nasty Rightwing Forwards) that stoke the flames to ensure their message of hate stays FRONT AND CENTER. thinkingblue 
PS: Below is my comment on this banality.

How sad, a person decides to write a story (that could be a worthwhile read but turns contemptible) commemorating a human being who was thrust into an outrageous war, perpetrated by the powers that be. Making sure he (the writer) hits upon the great suffering of a “war hero”, who disregarded his own safety, to save his fellow comrades and then the writer (No doubt a Republican who glorifies war and nationalism while marginalizing a people who do not deserve his disdain) decides to turn his tale into political bigotry. Did I say SAD, no beyond sad, it’s outright spiteful and vicious! The sadness comes in when this story is shared by those who wish to spread their racism in order to create more hate towards those they believe worthless…
Shame on you (whoever wrote the forwarded story) for using Ed Freeman's story in order to manipulate people into passing on a dishonest, useless anti-American media chain. I hate a great deal of what the media spews out too, but I'm certainly not gullible enough to believe in far-right chain letters too, especially when they're full of errors that could be simply mistakes and are more likely deliberate lies.
Chain forwards play on the emotions of conservatives, patriots and Christians in particular, and the whining about the media at the end of the forward has nothing to do with Ed Freeman at all, but is just there as an extra manipulation to get people thinking Ed Freeman hasn't been honored nearly enough and that the way to honor him is to pass on chain letters. Bull!

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