Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unbelievable Trial!

Just came upon this story this morning via a facebook image (below). I would like to say this story is UNBELIEVABLE but the older I get the less I can tack the word UNBELIEVABLE on to news concerning the convoluted goings-on in our supposedly democratic system of justice (Really, tomorrow’s, astonishing “unbelievable” news will be met with a… “Ho Hum, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?”).
The phrase I used on my DailyKos blog is: “A search for truth will find injustice!” Today, with the help of SCOTUS our system of justice will too soon, no longer stand for fairness; It will be the very wealthy not We-The-People who will decide who is and who is not worthy of Due Process or the Electoral Process. Anyway, I am going to follow this trial and hope that the civilized people's call for JUSTICE will still have some strength and Cecily McMillan will get her Fifth Amendment Right of Due Process.  thinkingblue

More at this Link: The Trial of Cecily McMillan
More Links on this UNBELIEVABLE STORY:Charges Against Cecily McMillanExcerpt: Occupy participant Cecily McMillan is being prosecuted for felony police assault and may face up to 7 years in prison. In reality, it is the NYPD that should be on trial for their assault on McMillan. The trial has already been delayed because of the credibility of the arresting officer, however, New York City should review the case and drop all charges against McMillan.
The Outrageous Trial of Cecily McMillanExcerpt: Two years ago, a young activist named Cecily McMillan attended a protest at Zuccotti Park marking the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. When police moved in to clear the demonstrators, a cop roughly grabbed her breast—photos show an ugly bruise—and she ended up being injured so badly that she had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. In a just world, she would be getting restitution from the City. Instead, in a grotesque act of prosecutorial overreach, she’s currently on trial for assault and facing up to seven years in prison.
Reclaim Democracy!Excerpt: Introduction to Corporate Personhood
Our Bill of Rights was the result of tremendous efforts to institutionalize and protect the rights of human beings. It strengthened the premise of our Constitution: that the people are the root of all power and authority for government. This vision has made our Constitution and government a model emulated in many nations.
But corporate lawyers (acting as both attorneys and judges) subverted our Bill of Rights in the late 1800's by establishing the doctrine of “corporate personhood” — the claim that corporations were intended to fully enjoy the legal status and protections created for human beings.

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