Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dead On A Dead Planet

7,000,000 dead in one year's time!
I can hear the GOP Tea Party leaders and their Koch Brother backers, roar with laughter, reading this article, 'Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally' “What a silly and pointless report.” They would bellow. “Who cares, it’s on the other side of the globe and affects mostly lowlife types whose only reason for living is as cheap labor for the Walton Family and the rest of the world plutocrats.”
What the opinionated and gluttonous 1%, for some odd reason, do not seem to understand is… brutally abusing Earth, the only place where life, so far, is found, will eventually render their wealth useless in protecting them against having NO AIR to breathe. (Hey, you can’t make or spend money when you’re dead on a dead planet!)

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