Sunday, March 02, 2014

Another Republican Rewards Bigotry

It Figures, Another Republican Rewards Bigotry.
The Big Questions:

Once again, I'm blogging on how Republicans see fit to reward Bigotry. Just in the past week or so, we have seen a Republican running for Governor of Texas invite one of the ugliest supporter’s of bigotry, Ted Nugent, to campaign with him...
Now, we're being forced, to witness another Republican Governor give an award to a known bigot who uses GOD as a reason for his unapologetic racism and homophobia.
I guess we Americans will never be able to escape our intolerant tendencies towards those who may look or act different from our own individual small-minded group, especially as long as there’s a Rush Limbaugh and a Fox News doing nothing but promoting bigotry. thinkingblue
Deja Vu All Over Again!
Duck Dynasty Proves Americans Are Drifting Further Away From The Art Of Critical Thought.
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