Friday, April 04, 2014

Rich GOP Are Makers, Everyone Else Takers

Why are Paul Ryan and the GOP so angry with poor people, calling them TAKERS every chance they get? Why do they wish them to go hungry and without shelter (and health care) even though these so-called TAKERS, work exhaustedly in low paying jobs collecting pittance minimum wages that he and the GOP do not want raised?  It's hard to understand someone like Paul Ryan who has led a charmed life and followed a Christian set of beliefs, taught to him by the Catholic Church that he identifies with. Wait a minute, wasn't it Jesus, who lived and died helping the poor, the sick, the very young and the very old; which in turn gave these TAKERS hope?  Ryan and his ilk wish to take hope away from the downtrodden in the guise that if they are helped, they will not ever wake up, (like him and his wealthy pals) and suddenly become rich. This man's head is brimming with Ayn Rand’s philosophy that selfishness is the correct path for all humanity. Below is an attempt to decipher the convoluted Ayn Rand Philosophy of Selfishness:
Question: What does Ayn Rand mean when she describes selfishness as a virtue?
Answer: Ayn Rand rejects altruism, the view that self-sacrifice is the moral ideal. She argues that the ultimate moral value, for each human individual, is his or her own well-being. Since selfishness (as she understands it) is serious, rational, principled concern with one's own well-being, it turns out to be a prerequisite for the attainment of the ultimate moral value. For this reason, Rand believes that selfishness is a virtue.
It appears, Paul Ryan and most of the GOP have bought into this idea that turning your back on those who need help is a virtue and giving aid to those who are in need, is a disfavor. By George, I think I got it and I also, got a good whiff, IT STINKS!
PS: People who follow and believe this should never serve in public office, leaders should represent all the people not just the few who only need Government's help, to get Richer.

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