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Driving An Automobile Will Damage Ovaries.

Don't have Ovaries then you're safe to drive.
We all know how oppressive men in Arab States are to women but here in America there are many on the far right-wing of the political spectrum who share the same medieval (primitive) notions about a woman’s freedom or lack thereof.  It took the females of our species thousands of years (most likely even further back to pre-pre-pre-historic times when life was still in a massive ocean) to achieve some of the same rights as males enjoy and still they have to fight on. But fight on they will because the battle is not just for themselves it pertains to all human beings. Unfortunately, it appears, there's a pathetic evolutionary trait still within the human animal’s brain connections, that certain groups, must be marginalized and because of this human "NATURE OF THE BEAST" somebody, some faction or class NEEDS, to be Tyrannized.
When Driving Affects Ovaries: A Call to Regulate Fatwas
Posted: 10/14/2013 8:44 am

It did not take long for those recent statements, which suggested that driving might negatively affect women's ovaries, for Saudi Shaikh Saleh Bin Saad al-Luhaydan to become the focus of news headlines around the world.

Al Arabiya English published an article on Saudi Shaikh Saleh Bin Saad al-Luhaydan's warning that driving can negatively affect women's ovaries. (Screengrabbed from Al Arabiya English)

There is no surprise that in an age where we are becoming more and more interconnected every day -- thanks to social media and modern technology -- each one of us may expect to become a celebrity overnight or be ridiculed on a global scale for something we may have intentionally or unintentionally said or done. While this applies to some extent to the average citizen, it goes without saying that this is certainly the case when it comes to public figures, officials or as in Shaikh al-Luhaydan's case, a renowned author and a well-known judicial and psychological consultant.

Sadly, many Muslim clerics have recently become a regular source of international mockery and there are even several websites dedicated to listing the wackiest fatwas (religious edicts) ever made. And even though al-Luhaydan has made it clear that he was making his statements from a scientific (rather than a religious) point of view, many western media outlets still mistakenly described what he said as a fatwa.

However, one cannot blame any western or even local journalist for such a mistake! Unfortunately, there have been so many ridiculous edicts in the past that anyone can be excused for believing that the Muslims actually think that driving may affect women's ovaries. After all, it was not long ago that a cleric in Saudi Arabia called for the head of Mickey Mouse after describing him as an "agent of Satan" and it was not long ago that an Egyptian sheikh issued a fatwa that a mixed working environment would only be "halal" after female staff members breast-feed their male colleagues!

Conditions for the issuance of fatwas

The list of astonishing edicts goes on to include prohibiting women from touching bananas, having sex (with their husbands, of course!) while being naked, plucking their eye-brows or wearing jeans.
 Below is a pre-election video I had put together to give light to how harmful the Tea Party GOP would be to our country and our freedoms but since it’s Halloween and it’s Scary I am re-posting it today. Just in time for Halloween.WAR ON WOMBS

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