Friday, October 04, 2013

Anti-Intellectualism and the Republicans

When I watched the NBC Nightly News segment on day one (October 1st 2013) of the Government Shutdown (video below) I felt as though I had been transported to a La-La Land, hallucinatory state of mind, “is this truly happening, has the Shutdown become a reality, did 3 long years of debate between Democrats and the Republican Tea Party on the Affordable Health Care act plummet to sort of a victory for the Tea Party Republicans who were dancing in the streets with joy, singing the praises of their accomplishment?”  Yes, it happened and yes the Tea Party is overcome with delight, but why. Never could figure out the WHY in all this… that is until today while I was still searching the Internet for answers I came across a Wikipedia informational piece on the subject of Anti-intellectualism. Voila, that’s it, when the Republicans became the PARTY OF NO, their main objective: Dumbing Down (the deliberate diminishment of an intellectual level) became their only goal, no more trying to get work done while making sure the hoi polloi is slow to understand and dim-witted, we’re out for blood and stamping out ‘thinking’ and ‘questioning’ by those who can give us power, should be our only drive.  The most frightening part of all this is… they seem to be succeeding. thinkingblue

Anti-Intellectualism One
Anti-Intellectualism Two
Anti-Intellectualism Three
Anti-Intellectualism Four
A Look Back

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