Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamacare Good or Bad

Another comment: It gives everyone the care they need and deserve. Is it not the government's job to protect their people? Well if the people need health care then isn't it the government's job to provide healthcare? People say this will make peoples rates go up. That is a lie; the rates are going up anyway, but since the healthcare bill has been passed they've been going up at a lower rate. It is good for everyone and the right thing to do. It works in countries suck as the UK, Italy and Australia and they seem to be doing okay. To back all this up:
(Yes I checked the sources for Wikipedia I just didn't want to put all of them)
Republicans just need to get over the fact that they aren't gonna repeal the law and get some real work done!
And for more about why Conservatives hate the law:
Even YOUR news network agrees with me:
Get over it. It's good for America, it is just not your idea so you hate it.

But it is their idea: thinkingblue

Reading the conservative comments on Why It’s Bad For America, makes me want to say (more like scream): Please get a new shtick already, yours (rather Fox News’) is too redundant and way too (for want of a better word) ignorant! But of course when people find it difficult to think for themselves they need a SHTICK! 

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