Monday, May 06, 2013

An Open Letter To A Very Disturbed Person NRA's Lapierre

Ending sentences that say it all:
For all your talk about defending liberty Wayne, I'll give you something more important to defend: the young children whose lives always seem to take a back seat to how many guns you can get Americans to buy. I'm talking about children at Sandy Hook, a 4-year-old in New York, a 2-year-old in Kentucky. There's something immoral about denying any connection between the deaths of children and the explosion in gun sales that you claim show how much we love our freedom. I'd rather have those kids alive, even if it costs me more than a few bucks in gun sales. MORE HERE:

I had to make a new video of "GOP and NRA Do A Victory Dance" because the copyright gestapo at youtube said THE CHURCH BELLS in the previous video was COPYRIGHTED. That's right, church bells apparently are owned by "Slavia-Integrity", sound recording administered by: 7:20 The Orchard Music ???
CHURCH BELLS??? I wonder what the churches are going to do now that they have to pay royalties when they ring their bells??? thinkingblue

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