Friday, April 26, 2013

"They" Promise, Follow Our Advice ($$$ Unnecessary Md Procedures) Live Forever!

Every once in awhile an article is written that begs this question… Hey, do you trust the medical community?
Well, I don’t! There's a constant boast coming out of this community, that only "they" (believers that a medical degree, means GOD, alumni) can make you live longer, as though all those millions of years of evolution that had gradually eliminated (take or leave a million years or so) the weak so they no longer reproduce, allowing the strong to multiply (until an ice age or global warming event made extinct the healthy strong ones, who could not adapt, through no fault of their own) were all for naught. “They” convince us that if we don’t DOCTOR and swallow Big Pharma's pills, we will die much sooner than we would like to. Most of the time early death comes by outside (our body) influences; such as polluted air, contaminated water and food, and MARKETERS who advertise and brainwash us to buy products that they are quite aware will eventually make us very sick and, in the course of time, bump us off. (Oh and let us not forget Guns legally carried around by any nut with a chip on his shoulder) In our culture of greed, if there’s a buck to be made, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
And that’s the truth (as I see it)… pfffft! thinkingblue

Post Script: There are many who dream of helping humanity by achieving an education and attaining a degree in medicine to actualize this dream. These people wish to end suffering for many and save lives without a lucrative compensation being the first priority. These professionals deserve respect and are a tribute to all that is good in this existence.
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