Sunday, April 07, 2013

Numb-Nut Dust

Makes me wonder if Lapierre and the NRA are sprinkling NUMB-NUT DUST over our legislators, WTF else could it be that immobilizes them, rendering them helpless against a well known, well documented and well recognized danger in our society? If the single slaughter of 20 little children isn’t enough, what would it take for them to cry out in unison ENOUGH'S ENOUGH?
Like I said, “IT MUST BE NUMB-NUT DUST’! thinkingblue
Numbnuts (nuhm-nuhts) Noun 1. The stupidest of the stupid. A complete dumbass, one whose intelligence quotient does not surpass that of the average rock.

American Ideals - Guns and Greed
Below: A Must See Video On Greed

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