Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dogs of War, Euthanized

Wonder what priority theses dogs would be on Romney's Laundry List of Important Items?
Never mind, I know, I just asked Seamus. 

We human beings are a pitiful lot... We are cruel to each other so it's no shock when we are unkind to Earth’s other animals especially the ones we consider pets like dogs that work alongside us as co-workers helping to achieve some social goal.
 Get this, the Military Bureaucracy is euthanizing war dogs because it is too expensive and there’s too much red-tape to ship them back to the states for adoption. Just another sampling of the bureaucratic machine where everything has a number and everything has an expiration date of usefulness.
This sounds way too farfetched for America but I could almost see a world where, if they could get away with it, war injured human beings who cost too much money to re-acclimate back into society, would also get euthanized.
Here’s a thought, with all the insanity coming out of the GOP TEA PARTY CAMP where women, the poor, the disenfranchised due to race, religion (if it’s not Christian) or sexual orientation are considered problems, a vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket will make this deplorable vision just a matter of time. thinkingblue
By Scott MacFarlane, Washington Bureau Chief


They survived running toward death and danger, but some locally trained military dogs of war are not making it home.

Instead, they're being euthanized.

Channel 2's Scott MacFarlane learned of an obscure U.S. law that is making it tough for military dogs to be adopted after their service is over.

Army Sgt. David Varkett survived his tour of duty in Afghanistan, because his unit included Nooshka, a 5- year-old dog that sniffed out an improvised bomb before it exploded.

"This dog has saved my life and many others," Varkett said. "She became a little local hero, finding those IEDs."

The U.S. military is now breeding 100 puppies a year, raising them and then training them for the front lines.

In an era of roadside bomb warfare, the bomb-sniffing dogs are remarkably useful. McFarlane went to Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas, where Georgia military canine units are training. He said the training is exhausting and intense.

Sgt. Jarred Palmer of Georgia, a Ft. Benning soldier, and his unit's Belgian Malinois, Zzazu, are inseparable.

"The dog lives with you, she's your best friend. She's your partner," Palmer said.

UNBELIEVABLE; I just blogged about war dogs that are being euthanized because they've become too expensive to save. We all know by now, what importance dogs would be on Romney’s laundry list. thinkingblue

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