Sunday, September 09, 2012

But You Didn't - A Mother's Poem To Her Military Son Who Was Killed In Afghanistan

It seems we've all but forgotten that the USA is still at war. What is worse, a presidential candidate running in the 2012 election has also forgotten. Romney and the RNC did not mention this war or give homage to the brave soldiers who are dying as I write this. What is wrong with our country, how can we be so callous? When the Bush/Cheney administration so coldly and calculatedly declared war, not on just one front but two, their many followers were all over themselves cheering the troops on, with bumper stickers, flags and blogs that called those of us who hated and were against these wars un-American. But now since the war is not seen as a way to achieve political clout, not a word is mentioned about our young troops who are still in harm’s way. But the families of those still fighting are feeling the pain. They don’t have the luxury of forgetting about the horrors of war. They are living it every day and will continue to live until their lives have ended. It's unfair and pathetic beyond belief. thinkingblue

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