Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank All That Is Good America Is Not A Christian Nation

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Religion could never have such a stranglehold on people's minds if we didn’t fear death as much as we do. Just vision it, if death was just a part of life like eating, sleeping, growing and learning, the so called CHURCH could not control minds and would go OUT OF BUSINESS. It's a pity that we teach children from day one to fear dying, telling their innocent minds to believe that they will be judged upon the arrival of this day called death, and will either be ‘SENT’ (by some non-existent Supernatural Being) to a PIE IN THE SKY, HEAVEN (if they are ‘GOOD’ which is a word that can be subjectively interpreted) or sent to the dungeons (if they are ‘BAD’ another subjective word) where they will burn and be tortured forever and a day. I wish we could all learn to just live in reality (it’s not near as scary as the place that religion tells us to live in) and not in the nonsensical world that Religion creates for us, using fear. thinkingblue

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