Monday, April 02, 2012

Not A Christian, Then GET OUT!

So says, GOP Pastor Dennis Terry
I created this video using a clip from an Internet News Media about a month ago. Since that time so many sad and wretched events have taken place that I did not do too much more than upload it to my Youtube channel "thethinkingblue". Today I thought I would send it around to my usual daily blogs. It says a lot about the mentality of the Christian Right. These people seem to have the delusion that America belongs to only them. If you don't agree with said, THEM, they want you to leave so they can do what they want with America the Beautiful. If this could happen (thank all that is good, it cannot) the THEM would set the clocks of technology and freedom back, oh say, 'bout many thousands of years, take or leave a thousand years or two. People like Dennis Terry are so full of themselves; they believe that an all powerful, all omnipotent SUPERNATURAL BEING who created every last molecule, proton, electron, neutron, of mass and gas, cares about their pathetic accidental arrival into this fortuitous existence. GOOD GOD, NOW THAT'S HUBRIS! Please watch the video below. thinkingblue

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