Friday, March 30, 2012

The Right-winged Ones Looking for Trash on Trayvon Martin.

The GOP Tea Party blogs are ruthless, and have no shame as they constantly comb the Internet looking for material to use in order to demonize those they feel profound hatred towards. We don't have Andrew Breitbart, any longer but his passing hardly made a dent in softening the bigotry of this group. They are out in force, trying to find evidence that a normal happy teenager, shot dead by a vigilante (who was out to kill something he believed was an abomination to his cozy, warped world of discrimination) was the evil one who deserved assassination. So many of us are outraged and saddened by this horrible event, but there are also many who wish to defend the perpetrator and condemn the victim. This makes visible, the fact that we live in a very sick culture. This is not new; it has been going on for many years. The only new thing here is the so called Tea Party goes by a different trademark today, they use to be called, back in the days of Jim Crow, “KKK” and although Tucker Carlson, Michelle Malkin and their ilk, would never identify themselves as Klu Klux Klan, they sure as hell, adhere to their same bigoted principals. thinkingblue

Bloggers Cherry-Pick From Social Media to Cast Trayvon Martin as a Menace

For the second time in a week, a conservative blog has published excerpts from what it described as a Twitter feed maintained by Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was shot and killed last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer patrolling a gated community.
The new blog post on the dead teenager’s social media account, which features an image of him making an obscene gesture and quotes from a message that includes an abbreviation for an obscenity, was posted on The Daily Caller, a site founded by Tucker Carlson, a conservative pundit, and Neil Patel, who once worked as an adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney.
Like the site’s previous post on another Twitter feed apparently maintained by Trayvon Martin, the information published on Thursday seems to have been selected to reinforce the argument that the victim of the fatal shooting was a menacing figure who might plausibly have been mistaken for a criminal. That impression is reinforced by the fact that while the post mentions and links to what appears to be a MySpace account set up by Trayvon Martin in 2009, The Daily Caller’s editors chose not to display any of the many photographs posted there that show him in a far softer light: holding up a birthday cake with his name on it, fishing with his father, dressed in a suit for his prom, looking excited to inspect an aircraft engine.
A Twitter profile photo that appears to show Trayvon Martin.
Similarly, the selection of Twitter updates published on Monday by The Daily Caller was accompanied by what appears to be a profile photograph he used, in which he was wearing a grill, a type of removable dental jewelry associated with rappers, but did not show or discuss the eight other Twitpic photographs associated with and linked to from the account. Those images — a bag of candy, a pencil drawing of the name ‘Tray’ sketched by his girlfriend; a school lunch; a tattoo of his mother Sybrina’s name; portraits of two girls; a football field; a new pair of sneakers — which remain online even though the associated Twitter account has been closed, paint an image of a fairly ordinary teenager’s life.. MORE HERE

Questions and more questions in the Trayvon Martin shooting

Meanwhile, a smear campaign against Martin is under way. It's conducted in part by the likes of Michelle Malkin, whose website Twitchy posted a purported photo of Trayvon in gangsta-style pose and Zimmerman in a suit. Twitchy bellyached about supposed media bias in not showing these photos of the men "because they convey a message that no one else wants to take into consideration." Just one problem: the photo of Trayvon wasn't Trayvon. That could have been resolved beforehand with a simple phone call or two, the kind of basic journalism that Malkin often rails about being absent. But presenting the truth wasn't what Twitchy's editors had in mind. On the contrary. FROM DAILY KOS click here for more

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