Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - We Shall Overcome

Occupy Wall Street 6 Weeks - We Shall Overcome

Occupy Wall Street, still going strong in spite of police brutality.

Scott Olsen, Iraq vet, just standing and watching gets shot in head with a teargas canister projectile, (pointblank) by police; tons of arrests; teargas fired into non-violent crowds of American citizens; batons and pepper spray used to control peaceful people. They, who work for the 1%, want to control the 99%, the masses that they (those who don't realize they are also part of the 99%)were always so readily able to do but this time they have hit a roadblock.

This time WE THE PEOPLE are tired of being hoodwinked and bulldozed.

This time the 1% and all their money and lobbies cannot stop a movement by the people for the people, thus far. It is a shame that it had to come to this, all we, the 99% ever wanted was an equal playing field, a chance to work for a living wage but greed was the winning force. Let us hope this will soon end and THE 99%, THE WE THE PEOPLE SHALL OVERCOME!

Below I made a video using various photos and youtube videos that are posted on the WWW, putting music to the peaceful march for fairness, the song Pete Seeger made so famous, many years ago during movements of peace that helped make this Nation of ours a better place to live. Pete Seeger does again, what he does so well, giving those at the bottom that elusive feeling of HOPE. thinkingblue

The peaceful movement called, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is continuing, in spite of efforts by those who are supposed to respect the constitutional rights of the people, to end it. Rights we all share (including the police). Police brutality has become the headline of the day. It's initiated by those who wish to control and extinguish the light illuminating from a movement that has long been in hibernation. Too many Americans have felt isolated, alone in their suffering, not realizing that suffering has become a part of everyday life for countless others. The middleclass in America is disappearing and is being replaced by indentured servants, indebted slaves to a wealthy corporate ruling class. There really is strength in number and it is time for that strength to show itself and be silent no more to the corporate 1% who rule over us like gods and kings. Their weapon is money; our weapon is a voice that cries out in unison that we have had enough. thinkingblue




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