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There is so much going on these days it's hard to choose which one to dedicate ones time to. The Occupy Wall Street movement is so worthy of my time but today I came across something that is so ludicrous it certainly begs and deserves a few moments of all of our time. Please read and sign the petition below and perhaps read my 2 cents worth of rant because this is an abortion issue that is just too damn stupid and cruel... I swear too many people live in a world of ignorance and no one should stand idly by allowing them their backward thoughts/actions without SAYING/DOING SOMETHING! thinkingblue

Subject: Stop the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from using pro-choice donations to support anti-choice candidates
Dear Friend,

The House of Representatives voted to let women die by passing a bill that would make it legal for hospitals to refuse to perform a life-saving abortion on a woman as an emergency procedure.

In response to that vote, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a fundraising email asking supporters to donate to help protect the health of women.

But three out of fifteen of the DCCC's top candidates who would receive that money voted to let women die.

I told the DCCC that they can't have it both ways and to either stop fundraising off attacks on women's health or stop fundraising for anti-choice Democrats who vote to let women die. I hope you do too.

You can sign the petition at the link below.


This is so outrageous I want to shout... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! This religious based belief that women should not be allowed to choose what is best for their individual life and BODY is, to put it lightly REPULSIVE, to put it seriously heinous and horrifying!

Just because so many poor souls live in a supernatural world of mythology and superstition should not mean that laws should be enacted to force all of us to live in such a medieval world.

This barbaric law of forcing physicians to stand by and witness the death of a woman (a human being) because some cruel law was enacted (by silly frightened people) preventing them from carrying out their Hippocratic Oath is not in reality and is SACRILEGIOUS. (PUT THAT IN YOUR CLERICAL HAT AND SMOKE IT!)

Why must we drift backward in an age of scientific enlightenment? The Dark Ages are long gone; it must stop if we all want to live together in absoluteness. Get real; DEMOCRATS you are suppose to be the party of the people, start acting like it!

PS: And for you ‘RIGHT TO LIFERS’ sure a fetus is a living organism but it hasn’t developed nervous system cells (neurons) in the spinal cord… Let’s all look at the preponderance of evidence here… A functional adult human being vs. A fetus. (or Human vs. Person) THE BIGGEST difference happens to be CONSCIOUSNESS (self awareness):

The defining mark between something that is human and someone who is a person is 'consciousness.' It is the self-aware quality of consciousness that makes us uniquely different from others. This self-awareness, this sentient consciousness is also what separates us from every other animal life form on the planet. We think about ourselves. We use language to describe ourselves. We are aware of ourselves as a part of the greater whole.

So which life form should a doctor save? The answer is pretty self evident; in the future, when making laws that affect half the society stop using a supernatural yardstick and make sure those laws are strictly for the wellbeing of ALL the people not just those with an indoctrinated dogma. PLEASE SIGN:


Occupy Wall Street

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