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Rand Paul - An Apple That Didn't Fall Far From Its Paul Tree

I have long felt that the "Tea Party" (that suddenly rose up and tried
to plump up its feathers to appear legitimate) was all foam and no beer. Watching them, in action is like watching a choreographed wrestling match in which you are fully aware that the slams, jabs and smashes are all fake! But for the people within this so called “Party” their actions
aren’t forged or concocted, well not totally, it is their anger and bigotry that motivates them and that is very real (even though they are not fully aware of it ).

Most of these people have been indoctrinated (or raised) to believe that someone is responsible for their unhappiness and that 'someone' has to be tangible or reachable, in other words Flesh and Blood in their face. Who better to serve as their battering ram then people who look, speak and act differently than they do...

This (Tea Bag) group is so easily persuadable and that is why the Republican Party (which includes Fox News, Right-wing Talk Radio and Sarah Palin) embraces them. Hate is a powerful tool to ‘divide and conquer’ and from the get-go the far right fringe elements, who lust for power, have been using it. It’s a damn pity that a voice of reason, (like Rachel Maddow's) can’t get through to the Tea Baggers (wake them the hell up) by telling them, they are all just pawns for the Big Gamers whose only desire is for absolute power and all that comes with it, (wealth, wars and brutality) to become a reality. thinkingblue

PS: Read Howard Fineman's (another voice of reason) opinion, it truly says it all!

First watch Rand Paul on the Rachel Maddow show



Rand Paul: Ideological Purist or Just Another Right Wing Bigot?


As a longtime libertarian, he espouses the view that personal
freedom should supersede all government intervention.
Neighborhood associations should be allowed to discriminate on
the basis of race, he has written, and private businesses ought
to be able to refuse service to anyone they wish. Under this
philosophy, the punishment for a lunch counter that refuses to
seat black customers would be public shunning, not a court order.

It is a theory of liberty with roots in Americas creation, but
the succeeding centuries have shown how ineffective it was in
promoting a civil society. The freedom of a few people to
discriminate meant generations of less freedom for large groups of others.

It was only government power that ended slavery and abolished
Jim Crow, neither of which would have been eliminated by a
purely free market. It was government that rescued the economy
from the Depression and promoted safety and equality in the
Rand Paul: Ideological Purist or Just Another Right Wing Bigot?

"Rand Paul is promoting a narrow and rigid ideology and has
repeatedly rejected a fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act.

He is focused on the Tea Party whereas I am running to be a
senator for all the people of Kentucky, who are really hurting right now.

No matter how he tries to spin to the contrary, the fact is that Paul's ideology has dangerous consequences for working families, veterans, students, the disabled, and those without a voice in the halls of power. Kentucky voters have a choice between Rand Paul's ideology and our campaign to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring accountability to Wall Street and Washington.

We are reaching out to Democrats, Independents and Republicans
across Kentucky to ask them to join our campaign and stand up for Kentucky families."
candidate **JACK CONWAY**


THIS SAYS IT ALL! "Voting for Rand Paul and getting to know him may be two different things. For better or for worse, he's property of the GOP." RSN - Full Post Posted Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:43 AM

Rand Paul and D.W. Griffith

Howard Fineman

If Americans think of Kentucky at all, they
tend not to regard it as part of the Deep South on racial
matters: no history of water cannons fired at civil-rights
demonstrators; the kind of place that gave the world a proud and
defiant Muhammad Ali, not a brutal and racist Bull Connor.

But there is another Kentucky, one I witnessed as a reporter
starting out there when court-ordered busing began in the 1970s.
It is a border state with a comparatively tiny black population,
and which, as a result, is way behind the times in accommodating
itself to the racial realities of modern America.

There was little violence when busing started, but there were
Klan rallies and smoldering anger along Dixie Highway and a
Republican Party ready to rise on those emotions.

Some of that old-time, race-based attitude—a
Kentucky mix of romantic benevolence and cruel disdain
(immortalized in D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation)—has
seeped into the groundwater of the Tea Party. I attended one of
its first rallies, in Louisville more than a year ago, and I saw
on the ground some of the anti-busing elements of old there.

If Dr. Rand Paul doesn't immediately apologize for
holding his victory rally at a private club—and doesn't

abandon his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act—then
he will not only pollute the Tea Party, he will severely damage
the GOP's chances of winning control of either the House or
Senate this fall.

Politics operates serendipitously in America,
thank goodness. One little slip can open the door to a wider,
even profound discussion. The Tea Party has rocketed to
prominence with a seething anti-federal message: that Washington
is spending too much, controlling too much, and taxing too much,
and is doing it unconstitutionally.

But the other side of that age-old American
argument is that our federal government is the protector of
rights and freedom, including the freedom to be treated
universally as a human being.

Tea Party philosophy runs smack into the wall of
rights the Constitution creates, and if Paul doesn't want to
recognize that, he will turn the entire election into a
referendum on racial discrimination.

We fought a war 150 years ago about that. Paul
wasn't born in Kentucky, but he should know the local history.
Brother fought brother; both Lincoln and Davis were born in the
state; Kentucky's government was Union, but many of its citizens
were rebels.

That war is over. It's not in anyone's interest—especially Paul's—to revive it.

RNC Document Mocks Donors, Plays on 'Fear'

Watch Thom Hartmann on Freespeech TV

New Robes For SCOTUS

Please sign this very important petition "demand question
time" (of our political leaders)

We really need more dialog from those at the top... The Republicans have got to be made to realize they can't hide behind "NO" any longer! thinkingblue

Click to go to MOVE TO AMEND and sing petition.


Let's keep our heads, while we continue to watch THE THEATER OF THE ABSURD!!!


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