Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti: the land where children eat mud

This is the most distressing of reads. You can't help but wonder (Why?) after each stressful sentence. The article reports the facts of Haiti but not the whys. Cruelty and worse hopelessness is the rule for the Haitian people. Now after an Earthquake it seems their plight is getting notice. How disgusting that it takes such an act of horror to wake people up. My only hope is that as the dust settles over this devastated land, the world's empathy doesn’t settle with it.

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Haiti: the land where children eat mud
Haiti is mired in historic debt and in danger of complete collapse. It is stricken by flood and famine, and kidnap, rape and child abuse are rife. So what is the West doing to rescue the ‘nightmare republic’? By Alex von Tunzelmann. Photography: Alice Smeets
Landa Jerome, 9 years old in Cit? Soleil

(Alice Smeets)


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If you ever hear of Haiti, it is usually because of something frightening. It
is famous for hurricanes, deforestation, poverty, drug smuggling, violence,
dictatorships, voodoo and slavery. Half a century ago, when it was under the
tyranny of François “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his “zombie” militia, Graham
Greene called Haiti the “nightmare republic”. Though Papa Doc has long gone,
the nightmares have never ended in this Caribbean dystopia. Haiti is the
poorest country and only Third World nation in the western hemisphere, and
it’s getting worse.
Two centuries ago,
Malthus postulated that a
society in which the population grew too fast
could not be fed
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