Monday, October 19, 2009

National Gaps Between Rich & Poor - USA is No. 3

When I saw this headline, I thought for sure the ole USA would be at the top of the list but NO there really are greedier nations (people) residing on this Earth. Though only 2, for USA hit the number 3 slot.
It's a pity that the human race has yet to understand that we are all one, all traveling in the same direction of unknowing. Yet material-wise we struggle to have a one-upmanship on one another; a need of sorts to look down your nose at those financially beneath you due to hard luck or heritage.
The visualization of this gap is hardest to stomach. With architecturally handsome buildings on one side of the picture (You can envision those within these structures looking out their ivory tower windows at the ants below.) and poor people, on the other side, in fetal-like positions, huddled against buildings to protect themselves from the elements, cold, hungry and hopeless. It’s the food-chain, only the winners aren’t the fittest but the greediest.

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Countries with the Biggest Gaps Between Rich and Poor
income inequality worldwide
The UNDP ranked countries and regions based on a number of factors, including their Gini coefficient, named for Italian statistician Corrado Gini.
Scandinavian countries, Japan, and the Czech Republic have the least amount of inequality. The U.S. is among the most unequal
Top 11 Countries With the Biggest Gaps Between Rich and Poor
No. 1 Hong Kong

ED Jones
No. 2 Singapore
No. 3 U.S.

share of income for the top percentile of Americans was 23.5% in 2007, the highest since 1928,
Income for the top 0.01% hit a record-high 6.04%. And the recession may be exacerbating income inequality.
No. 4 Israel
Gone are the days when Israel was one of the world's most egalitarian societies.
men who study the Torah rather than work has worsened the inequality problem.
No. 5 Portugal
Spencer Platt/Getty Images, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No. 6 New Zealand
No. 7 (tie) Italy

No. 7 (tie) Britain
No. 9 Australia
No. 10 (tie) Ireland
No. 10
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