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sign petition here, TELL CONGRESS - HUNGER HURTS!

Do you want to know just how easy it is to turn your back on your fellow human being? If you are not acquainted with the HOW TO, here it is in a one word nutshell… RATIONALIZE! (Rationalize - to invent plausible explanations for acts, opinions, etc., that are actually based on other causes…)

George W Bush "People are poor because they are lazy… (and) The government doesn't have to help poor people -- because they are lazy.'

Far right radio talker Bill Cunningham — who Sean Hannity considers a “great American” – (claimed that people who are poor in America are not poor…) ”because they lack money,… People are poor because they lack values, morals, & ethics"

Glenn Beck: Poor people are ‘lazy.’

And the other day, on the issue of the poor not having affordable health care, one conservative unthinking dolt claimed “So you hold the successful to be the problem? Should we all strive to be unsuccessful and strive for the government to take care of us? … The reason many people do not have health care is because they have not been successful. Who do you blame for that?”

OK you leaders in Congress, let’s hear the latest rationalization (excuse) for why the “working (you know those guys who get up every day and go off to work so they will NOT make enough money to feed themselves and their children) poor” do not make a living wage in a country such as ours. THINKINGBLUE
Tell Congress: HUNGER HURTS Hard-Working Families!
Target: U.S. House of Representatives
Sponsored by: Feeding America (formerly known as Second Harvest)
In today's troubled economic climate, it isn't surprising that many Americans are struggling with hunger. What may be a surprise is exactly who is suffering. Many believe hunger is a problem only for the homeless. Unfortunately, statistics prove that 40 percent of those seeking food assistance are employed. More and more it is America's working poor who are at risk of hunger.
Please let your representative know that you want a comprehensive strategy to fight hunger written into law today. Together, we can work to eliminate hunger in America.
Dear Representative,
Many people,
don't realize that hunger is not just a problem for the homeless in America.
40 percent - of all those asking for food assistance are actually employed.
have a job but still need extra help to provide for your family
that is the situation for the working poor,
Your name

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