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Reforming Health Care, WHAT A JOKE!

Reforming Health Care – WHAT A JOKE!

It's beyond disgusting to think the greedy Health Ins. Ind. & Big Pharma (lobbies) will stab us in the back again by not allowing low income workers access to health ins.. I wonder how many families will suffer because of this stranglehold. Why aren’t there statistics out there? When these cruel SOB's can call the shots as to who will not suffer (those with high incomes) and who will agonize because they will be turned away from health providers simply because they lack the funds, is deplorable for a country like ours! I was going to keep pounding my keyboard, spreading the plight for single payer ins. around, signing as many petitions as I could find to get it back on the table. But now I’m so distressed by the power of health insurance lobbies; it appears futile, once again GREED WINS! “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it. It is a trait that is not known to the higher animale." – Mark Twain THINKINGBLUE


Reforming Health Insurance Reform

It is interesting watching the debate about health care

reform, especially because it is hard to tell who is actually
trying to reform the US health care system, and who is just
looking out for their own interests:

  • One of the most ironic things is how the government and the media (even including those people who are leading the charge for health insurance reform) are conspiring to eliminate any mention of a single payer insurance system. This, despite the fact that a strong majority of Americans favor single payer, and it is the most common system in other first world nations. The main reason they give for this (when they are asked at all) is that it is just not “politically possible”. Which to me means “the insurance companies are just too powerful and won’t allow it”. Indeed, the insurance industry ranks second in money spent on lobbying (the number one spot is held by the pharmaceutical and health products industry). Two other health related industries — hospitals, and health professionals — are on the list of top twenty lobbyists. Together, those four health-related industries spent a combined $4.2 billion over the last ten years on lobbying alone.

  • Second, even though the Republican Party has been working
    overtime lately to take obstructionism to a new level,
    they have been curiously silent about health care reform,
    and sometimes even supportive. A new light was shed on
    this with the publication of a set of talking points from Republican consultant Frank Luntz
    on health reform, which seem to urge Republicans to
    co-opt the language of health reform in order to sabotage
    any actual or meaningful reform. In other words, Luntz
    says that Republicans should say they are for
    health reform, but qualify that by using feel-good
    phrases like “we need a uniquely American approach”.

  • Likewise, reading the writing on the wall, the health
    insurance industry is promising to reform itself
    This is the same thing it did in 1977 to prevent Carter
    from imposing reforms on the industry. And they did it
    again as part of the defeat of health reform during the
    Clinton administration. Look how well those reforms
    worked. The industry hopes that it can kill
    any choice of public insurance, so they can
    retain their stranglehold.

  • But the most bizarre thing is that while the Republican
    Party itself has been relatively silent, other groups are
    springing up to fight health reform. For example, the
    group Conservatives for Patients’ Rights is launching a $20 million
    to kill Obama’s efforts at health
    reform. Who are these people? Well, the group that is
    coordinating their campaign is PRC Public Relations
    — the same group that Swiftboated John Kerry back in
    2004. And the leader of the Conservatives for
    Patients’ Rights is Rick Scott, the former CEO of the largest hospital chain
    in America, who was forced to resign after his company
    pled guilty to the largest health care fraud case in US history.
    Ironically, even though the Conservatives for
    Patients’ Rights are against any public insurance
    plan, Scott’s company made their money by falsifying
    their Medicare claims. Stunningly, Scott is using $5
    million of his own money — dollars he earned by
    cheating Medicare, which is government insurance —
    to fight against government insurance.

Cutting the heart out of health care reform?

Another, somewhat, informational video here:

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



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