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Ed Schultz Show - Single Payer Health Insurance

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to


Why don't "R" People like Single Payer Health Insurance?

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I get so confused, I listen to the "R" pundits on TV and I think to myself... Why are people listening to them? They make no sense at all! I came across an article in Common Dreams and I've come to the conclusion that only a small percentage of the "R" people are listening to them. I feel better now. I just could not believe that people were that
delusional. Why would our fellow Americans go so totally against their own self-interest or against the interests of their peers when it makes so much sense to not only love thy neighbor but also help thy neighbor... I'm talking about single payer health insurance... That's right Medicare for all who want it or more importantly Need it. Anyway, my apologies to the "R" people and thanks to the article entitled:
Standing Against Single Payer



My Ron Pollack Problem — and Yours

by Russell Mokhiber

Karen Ignagni is not the problem.

As president of America's Health Insurance Plans, Karen Ignagni
represents the health insurance industry.

The same health insurance industry that would be wiped out by a
single payer national health insurance system.

We know where Karen Ignagni stands.

She stands with the health insurance industry.

Against the will of the American people.

If she stood with the will of the American people, she would effectively be asking her member insurance companies to commit suicide.

Not going to happen.

Ron Pollack is executive director of Families USA.

Ron Pollack identifies himself as a consumer advocate.

Or more precisely as an advocate for health care consumers.

The majority of the American people stand with single payer.

And against the health insurance industry.

And against the pharmaceutical industry.

But Ron Pollack stands against single payer.

Against the will of the American people.

With the health insurance industry.

And with the pharmaceutical industry.

Think we're kidding?


My original Rant Below:

Why are the "R" people so easily frightened? Why are "R’s" non-thinkers? Why are "R's" selfish? Don't they realize, we are all in the same boat? Ed
Schultz show had an “R” talk show host on and his statement said it all, referring to Single Payer health insurance... Medved said, "Ed, would you like to pay for your neighbor's health care?" Ed said, "Of course, just like I pay for his public ed., Defense, Police, Fire.” watch?v=stye6heTPNE thinkingblue

Let's join together, all of us against the Insurance Industries that are pushing for their Status Quo so they can make more money hand over fist off the backs of the ill and dying. Sign petition here:

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to
watch THE



Blogger litlgrey said...

You know what? I don't give a damn what "R people" think. I'm sick to death of grafted corporatist shills and psychobabblers like Michael Medved, Michael Smerconish, Patrick Buchanan and other grinning, yammering freaks being put on the air day after day by cable news networks in a revolting attempt to own every debate and every dialogue and every issue.

I appreciate Ed Schultz' support for the Middle Class and for the Working Class American. Truly I do. But he is a centrist, not a progressive, and evidently when his show went live it was decided that he would have to pander to the "talking head" format and allow right wing ideologic freaks to appear, as some kind of trade-off for getting Laura Flanders and Katrina vanden Heuvel.

It's sad because both Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have established, at MSNBC, a precedent for programming without the tired, insulting trimverate blatherhead format - which is itself a sad-assed sop to the "fair and balanced" meme.

Americans don't need to keep hearing the lying, dangerous trash about Socialized Medicine, and the every-man-for-himself mantra of the corporatist fearmongers. Why? They already know they're being lied to. It's hardly a fluke that the ratings for other programs featuring this kind of effluvium have dropped precipitously, especially at CNN.

While Schultz reserves the final comment to himself on each issue, there is no doubt that his audience neither expects, nor wants, the input of the kind of neanderthal cranks who fill CNN programming, and even MSNBC's abysmal "Morning Joe."

Someone enterprising in this sort of activity should start an online petition (such as at to garner viewer support for Schultz to drop these embarrassing segments from his otherwise useful and hard-hitting program.

8:07 AM  
Blogger thinkingblue said...

The mental density of our population is mind boggling... Especially, considering such denseness is self inflicted. We don't live in a closed society such as the poor human beings in North Korea… The minds there are so emaciated they barely resemble those of the average Homo sapiens. But those starved intellects do not bring this brain famine upon themselves like people who refuse to research the truth in our country do. How sad is it that ditto-head types will seek out "knowledge" through the thoughts and opinions of some swinging dick other than themselves. Yes I do gyrate towards the liberal talking heads on MSNBC such as Oblermann, Maddox and Schultz because they champion the causes I sincerely believe in; therefore I don't sit in front of my “political” TV and work myself into a tantrum over what the boobs on the boob-tube are sputtering. Although, I can hardly scratch the surface of what is really going on behind the closed doors of worldwide political strategies (sometimes I believe our leaders are in the same boat) I do try to research some of what I don’t quite understand. This, at times can lead to more confusion and I will in the end realize that what will be, will be. It’s just too sad that the “will be, will be” usually means someone will suffer immensely while others will prosper off the backs of the sufferers. Que Sera, Sera.

11:35 AM  

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