Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain Hopes You'll Delete This!

FORWARD: John McCain hopes you delete this!

The false emails about Obama, are jumping across your computer screens like black cats, just in time for Halloween and the Election. The McCain slanderers are trying to steal your vote. DON'T LET THEM. Be informed and Fight Back by sending any false FORWARDS to:

Follow this link to see the one I had received:
PS: Please read the below note from


FW: John McCain hopes you delete this!


If you're like tens of millions of others, you've gotten an email with a subject line like that. A forward of an email with a catchy, titillating subject.

Only they are never about John McCain. They're about Barack Obama. And they are
almost always filled with distortions, misstatements, and outright lies.

We started to deal with smears, and those types emails were a big motivator for us. And, thanks to all of you, TruthFightsBack has been a great success.

But we can do better. We know that when you get a smear email, you want to get the truth fast, and you want it laid out in a way that can convince the undecided, swing voters. So we began a new project of called the Center for Political Accuracy focused specifically on this aspect of fighting anonymous smear emails in real-time, and we've got an exciting new tool to use in this battle.

You can email me at with your smear and our system can read your smear and get me our researched response immediately, and I'll email back a reply debunking the original email. This can all happen in 10 minutes or less, so you can be armed with the truth and reply to everyone who got the original smear.

Just copy this email address into your address book, and make sure to email me right away next time you get a smear.

Thank you so much for joining the fight against smears.

Brian Young

It is astonishing how low the McCain Camp will stoop to get their McGrumpypants elected. Anyone, who believes an emailed FORWARD should not be operating a computer... because they are DBR... "Dimwitted Beyond Rehabilitation"! Fight Back email any forwards you receive no matter who it happens to be lying about! thinkingblue





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