Thursday, September 18, 2008

How low can Republicans Go?

Breaking News: Republicans are gathering addresses on foreclosed properties so former occupants (democrats only) will be turned away from polling places because they do not live there anymore!

How low can Republicans Go?

It's bottomless! I swear these people, the Republican people, who run elections have no soul. I know, sadly, there is enough dirty tricks to go around in all the political persuasions. But the Repubs really know how to pull off the dirtiest of dirty tricks, without blinking an eye! I wonder why that is? Is it because they believe rules and laws are meaningless when it comes to getting their party the winning prize?. Or maybe they just have been mentally conditioned and have become barbarian brutes, due to using, low blows for so long they can't tell RIGHT from WRONG any longer?. I believe it's the latter, with quite a bit of truth in the former. Read about how they (repubs) wish to use the property addresses of those unfortunate individuals who have had their shelters, their family homes, their belongings, ( and dreams they fought to fulfill using all the blood, sweat and tears they could muster only to be thrown out on the streets) confiscated by foreclosure, so they would be disqualified from voting because they no longer lived at such address. Calling it disgusting is way too mild. thinkingblue

Harper's has a lengthy article this month about the casualties of foreclosure. Please read the poignant account on what happens to those victims and I do mean VICTIMS of the Republican Led Financial Disaster of no oversight on Subprime Mortgage Lender practices within the USA Financial Institutions. It's a read of the stark reality behind all the numbers you see and hear from the media the, hard numbers of sadness...
Bleak Houses"

The subprime mortgage crisis is an ongoing economic problem
characterized by contracted liquidity in the global credit markets and banking
system. An undervaluation of real risk in the subprime market is cascading,
rippling and ultimately adversely affecting the world economy.

The crisis began with the bursting of the United States housing bubble and high
default rates on "subprime" and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). Loan
incentives, such as easy initial terms, in conjunction with an acceleration in
rising housing prices encouraged borrowers to assume difficult mortgages on the
belief they would be able to quickly refinance at more favorable terms. However,
once housing prices started to drop moderately in 2006–2007 in many parts of the
U.S., refinancing became more difficult. Defaults and foreclosure activity
increased dramatically, as easy initial terms expired, home prices failed to go
up as anticipated, and ARM interest rates reset higher. Foreclosures accelerated
in the United States in late 2006 and triggered a global financial crisis
through 2007 and 2008. During 2007, nearly 1.3 million U.S. housing properties
were subject to foreclosure activity, up 79% from 2006. more here


Please start reading this tale of woe from Harpers-on-line by clicking this link: Click For Page 1

Let's keep our heads, while we continue to watch



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