Monday, June 29, 2015

SCOTUS Rules Thumbs Up on Painful Execution

It looks as though SCOTUS put their THUMBS UP on LET 'EM DIE an excruciating death. Talk about a death panel... I guess Murder by Government will continue... Why not Murder by NRA is legal so what else is new in the Republican Land of Corporate Personhood where money trumps mercy. thinkingblue
Excerpt: Gladiators: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
The sweat soaked gladiator looks up to the editor who will make the call--cut the throat of his downed opponent or let him live. The crowd yells and makes dramatic hand gestures, trying to sway the stony-faced editor.
"Mitte!" (Let him go!) scream some.
"Iugula" (Kill him!) roar others.
The editor extends his hand and dramatically lifts his thumb. Will the downed gladiator live or die?
Most Americans say, "He will live!" After all, the thumbs-up sign is a positive thing. It's how we encourage our friends and silently show approval. But to the ancient Romans, a thumbs up mimicked the upward thrust of a sword through the heart. It meant, kill.
A thumbs-down meant "put your sword down."  From This Site:

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