Wednesday, May 06, 2015

GOP Budget Set to Throw 27 Million Under the Bus

GOP Budget Set to Throw 27 Million Under the Bus
Disgusting and ridiculous! These “R” leaders should not be able to vote against the best interests of We-The-People and then hide. They should be forced to witness (in real time) the suffering that’s caused by voting against what a society, as a whole needs, to be fair to all its citizens. The fallout will again prove to be NOT COST EFFECTIVE ... Healthcare in the first place should be a right not a privilege for those few who can afford it. I wonder how many people’s health and wellbeing will be destroyed in order to satisfy the greed of the very rich, which the “R’s” cater to.
PS: Two Men; One expresses benevolence toward the needs of his fellow beings, the other contemptuous, disregarding the needs and rights of those at the bottom, concentrating only on what’s in for him and those at the top. Which one deserves to lead?

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