Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Thar’s Some Big Bucks In Them Dollars

Yes, thar’s Big Bucks in them dollars but not for those of us who BUY all The Corporate-Personhood's crap that’s made in the slave labor camps of China and elsewhere!
This article should have been called, “$ Wars, MAKING MONEY OFF THE BACKS OF THE LOW INCOME AND POOR!” what else is new... thinkingblue
MORE HERE: http://americasmarkets.usatoday.com

PS: The Audacity! The Dollar Tree in our neighborhood has the CHUTZPAH to ask its customers to buy their crap and donate it to the poor children of the area… They don’t offer to match it ( you buy an item and we, Dollar Tree will donate the same)… Then when they give it as charitable contributions… THEY TAKE THE CREDIT FOR IT.  This way, they profit from the ‘coerced’ sales and claim to be philanthropists at the same time… SICKENING!

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