Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ferguson Missouri, Underground Jim Crow Laws

Now there's another "Not One More"?  Not One More innocent young black person will be executed at the hands of police (or any bigot using a Stand Your Ground law). The double standard of laws for whites and blacks (or rich and poor) is scandalous... The Tea Party vigilantes can carry assault weapons “openly” where we take our children to shop... Bigots can blatantly confiscate government land to feed their cattle, while the same "Target Department store vigilantes" flock to the area, threatening police with their Open Carry, (even killing two police officers while they were eating lunch by two Bundy supporters) defending a law breaking bigot. Not only should we ask, How Many More but also How Much More of these underground “Jim Crow Laws” that have recently surfaced due to the powers of the Koch Brothers’ Tea Party and the NRA, are we-the-people to stomach? We have no power over who gets the shaft by police and who gets the police to turn a blind-eye and allow white lawlessness? That’s not the America of today, that’s the America of yesterday. Bigotry has no place in a Democracy yet it flourishes here in the land of plenty (for the few). thinkingblue

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