Saturday, August 18, 2012

Voter ID Law Is Disenfranchisement

And Laughs In The Face Of Democracy!
Travel on down to Philadelphia Pa. and knock on some row-house doors in a few of the low income neighborhoods and ask the "People" (you know those real flesh and blood hard working human beings who are American citizens which entitles them the RIGHT TO VOTE in national elections) “Do you possess a driver's license (which is used as a ‘Voter ID?’); many will answer NO and the reasons will vary, from not needing a drivers license due to abundant access to public transportation, or being too old or disabled to work or young people, still in school which happens to be within walking distance. The reasons for not having a driver’s license should NOT MATTER; there are many sources of ID which were always considered legitimate and easy enough to check, allowing one to cast their vote.
{The best official data available suggests that as many as 280,000 voters in Philadelphia may need to get an ID between now and November to have their votes counted.}
(This is so outrageous; it laughs in the face of a free and just society. The only purpose, up the sleeves of the GOP/TP legislators is DISENFRANCHISING -- anyone who is likely to vote a Democratic ticket--.)
**Disfranchisement (also called disenfranchisement) is the revocation of the right of suffrage (the right to vote) of a person or group of people, or rendering a person's vote less effective, or ineffective. Disfranchisement may occur explicitly through LAW, or implicitly by intimidation or by placing unreasonable requirements. **
Like I said this is OUTRAGEOUS and every damn one of us should be infuriated! thinkingblue
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The Startling Urban Dynamic in Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law

Something big is happening in Philadelphia ahead of this fall’s presidential election – the first in the state since a stringent new Voter ID law was passed earlier this year – although people there concerned about it are having a maddeningly hard time putting their finger on the precise size of the problem. The city has just over 1 million registered voters. About 800,000 of them are considered "active." "And about a third of them are on one of these two lists as potentially having ID problems," says Tom Boyer. He's a former journalist and computer scientist living in Philadelphia who has gotten involved in analyzing the potential impacts of Pennsylvania’s controversial law, which is now in the throes of a legal challenge. Boyer suspects that something historically bad could happen if the law isn’t overturned, and not enough people are talking about it. The Pennsylvania Department of State recently released two lists of the Pennsylvania residents whose state IDs have expired since last November (and thus can’t be used to verify their identity at the polls this fall), as well as a list of the active voters whose names don’t match up with the PennDOT database as currently having an ID. This second list is terribly sloppy (one database spells names like McCormack as “Mc Cormack,” and there's all kinds of chaos with hyphens and apostrophes). But nonetheless, the best official data available suggests that as many as 280,000 voters in Philadelphia may need to get an ID between now and November to have their votes counted. MORE HERE

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