Saturday, February 11, 2012

GOP, C-PAC Your White Robes And Pointy Hats Are showing.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have no idea what the hell Peter Brimelow is sputtering within his British accented gibberish. I searched youtube for videos on this so-called White Nationalist and found several, which I clicked upon and tried, I really did, to understand what ware, he was trying to sell. Maybe, I’m just plain thick but I felt that what was coming from this human brain via a larynx or voice box was pure Imbecilic Muck.

{{{A former senior editor at Forbes magazine, author and founder and editor of the white nationalist hate website Brimelow blames the 1965 Immigration Act for a host of problems. (The Immigration Act greatly reduced the percentage of immigrants from Europe while allowing for huge increases in Asian and Hispanic immigration.) Until its passage, Brimelow said Friday, the United States had the option of being more like Switzerland – a relatively small population, stable birthrates, homogeneous and highly educated – or Brazil, which he characterized as “diverse” and “chaotic.” He added, “We’re in the process of becoming Brazil with gated communities and so forth.”

Brimelow’s comments came during his keynote address at the first conference of the newly formed Mencken Club. About 60 mostly male, entirely white people attended. While the turnout was modest, it included several luminaries of the academic racist movement, including Jared Taylor, editor of the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, which features stories about eugenics – the pseudo-science of weeding out human ‘genetic inferiority’ through selective breeding, and carried a column by Taylor after Hurricane Katrina in which he agued that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices—civilization disappears.” }}}

When I try to listen to his words, real careful like, so that I could formulate something positive within his chosen Ideology; my mind keeps red flagging... bigotry, hatred and white race superiority. This man is not eloquent even though there may be some who can be swayed by his cool dialect and believe that he knows what he's talking about. (But then again, those people would already possess a strong bigoted mind-set and influencing them would be a piece of cake.)

There is a bottom line to being human and that is WE ARE ALL IN THIS THING CALLED EXISTENCE TOGETHER, no human is different than any other human being. We have, all together, gone this far through our evolutionary JOY RIDE, gathering and refining survival mechanisms and instincts on the way. We are so similar that if there were no outer coverings such as skin, hair, eyes, etc. (the outer layers that formed due to climate), we would all look identical.

Thus, when C-pac invites such a vile person to speak at their Circus Of Hate, it only ratifies what we who THINK have always believed about the GOP, that it has become nothing but a costume-less KKK!


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